Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tys has a new love for Casey's measurer... he carries it around the house ALL day long and "measures" everything. It's funny to see him hard at work measuring the walls in Katie's bedroom ~ something he must've seen his dad and Papa doing! My brother, Jake, arrived from Boise on Thursday evening to celebrate my parent's birthday (and mine) The kids and I spent yesterday with them.. first, we went out to lunch and ice cream/coffee. Afterwards Katie got to spend the afternoon with my parents and Jake while I took the boys home for a much needed nap. Then, in the evening my parents, Jake and Joe (aka. OSO) came over for a yummy steak dinner ~ made by Jake! It was a fun evening and great visit with Jake!
Jake got to meet Trent for the first time... Trent looks scared!! hee hee

Trent's bath on Thursday night; he still enjoys bath time! Check out that chubby arm!

Casey got Trent's swing out this week and he's been liking it. He's still a little too small for it so, I put his blanket in there to help fill up space!