Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Trenton 15 months

Yesterday, I took Trent to Elko for his 15 month check-up and 3 shots. He gave the nurse his famous "evil eye" and cried during the shots! He and I also ate lunch and did some shopping; I enjoyed spending the day with just him and he was in a great mood! (unlike today... he's SO crabby from the shots) Here are his stats: Height 32" 88% percentile Weight 26# 70% percentile
At 15 months, Trent is:
1. Talking more and more everday. He can say approx. 20 words (family members, animal sounds and words like sit down, up, thankyou, "p" for please, cookie, juice etc)
2. Sleeping through the night
3. Climbing on everything
4. Learning how to take his siblings toys away just to hear them cry!
5. Loves to go outside and swing or, drive his little car
6. When he can't go outside, he stands at the window and watches the dogs... saying "woof"
7. Loves M&M's, frosted Animal Cookies and broccoli 'n cheese
8. is obsessed with shoes and the broom
9. loves to push anything: boxes, chairs, cars
10. Gives sweet kisses and can give you a high 5

Monday, March 29, 2010

Pumpkin Pancakes

In an effort to get my kids to consume more veggies in their daily diet, I made Pumpkin Pancakes for breakfast. I didn't tell them that there was pumpkin in them (since they don't handle change very well) and thought I'd just see if they noticed anything different. Tys thought they were SO GOOD.... Katie whined for just a second that her pancakes "were dirty" but, once I got her to actually try a bite she loved them! I also put some mini-chocolate chips in them :) I was proud of myself for getting a veggie other than broccoli, carrots or corn into them! Pumpkin Pancakes:
1 cup flour
1 tablespoon sugar
2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cinnamon
2 egg yokes
1 cup milk
1/2 cup canned or cooked, pureed pumpkin (I used pureed for mine)
2 tablespoons vegetable oil

Mix the eggs, milk, pumpkin and oil together in bowl. Add dry ingredients and stir together.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Relaxed Fit

My little brother is here visiting from Boise for the weekend.... he and dad are spending the day working on his 4-wheeler. I asked him "seriously, did you actually pay money for those ripped up pants?" Jake, "yep, I actually paid a lot of $$ for these" He is no longer a poor college boy and does own decent non-shredded jeans... he just chooses not to wear them :) I guess he puts a whole new meaning to the term "Relaxed Fit"


It's such a beautiful day all the kids got sent outside to play (Michael, Briana, Katie, Tys, Trent, neighbor kids etc.) I enjoyed some quietness in the house and after a little while glanced outside to check on Trenton. After seeing him in his swing, reading a magazine I thought "ahhhh, how cute! Someone gave him something to read while he's swinging!" I soon realized his choice of magazine was quite a bit older reading material.... Victoria Secret's Swim Suit edition!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


This post is for Auntie Ri, Queen of S'Mores. You'll be happy to know that your niece & nephew have finally learned how to roast their own marshmellows and eat a S'More (in the past Katie has enjoyed hers without the 'mellow!) I told them that their auntie would be so proud :)
Step 1: Find a big stick and roast your 'mellow in the fire. Stand WAY back so that you don't fall in!
Step 2: Eat your roasted 'mellow right off the stick (although, it's really not too roasted since it was only in the fire for about 5 seconds!)

Step 3: Eat and Enjoy!! YUM!!

Step 1: Have mommy roast your 'mellow for you and, make a REAL S'Mores!

Step 2: Think "what have I been missing all these years? Can I have about 3 more?"

Mill Creek

Yesterday we took the Posts to a nearby picnic area, Mill Creek. It's about 20 miles out of town, in the mountains and a perfect place to let the kids explore! Sharla, Jerry and their kids came too so, we had about the same number of people as on Tuesday. First, the kids did all kinds of exploring and playing in the creek (only the 2 babies and Alaina came home dry!) then, roasted hot dogs and marshmellows for lunch. Katie, Briana and Eliese playing across the creek

We were happy to have my dad along so he could roast our hot dogs!

I was also happy to have him along so he could keep an eye on Trent... he's a pretty handy guy to have around! LOL
Trent is always giving me this "what stinks" face! He did have a great time playing in the dirt and leaves

Typical NV sagebrush; with spring here now they are turning green and smell so good!

Tys doing his best at not getting wet but, also doing some investigating in the creek.

He and Jacob found it fun to use sticks and flip up wet leaves.... a couple landed in Tys' hair!

"Look, mom, I found leaves!"
The boy's well-deserved naps

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day in Elko

We are already at the middle of the week... its flying by fast! We are busy having fun with our visiting pastor, his family and friends from church. I think we're running the kids ragged :) Just this morning Tys told me "Mama, I tired" But, it's been lots of fun and the kids have new friends. Yesterday, a group of us took the Post family to Elko for the day. Our entourage included 2 suburbans and a minivan.... 6 adults and 12 kids! First, we went to the story/craft time at the library. Then, we took them to Burger King and the playland for lunch ~ and, yes, we got lots of looks from people when we arrived with 12 kids under the age of 10! Next, we went to the local museum and the famous, favorite wooden park. We picked up Papa Murphy's Pizza for dinner and arrived home just in time to feed everyone and have the ladies go to Women's Bible Study (the guys were kind enough to watch the boys) The kids all got along great.... making the day more enjoyable and survivable for the adults :) 8 of the 12 kids at Burger King - keeping all those Happy Meals in order and with the right child was the challenge of the day! LOL
The Museum. I think Tys' face says it all!

My dad and Chris

Katie and Jakob (aka. Jibit)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Ladies Lunch

Our church had a ladies/girls lunch at Mama's Pizza today.... we also celebrated my friend, Lisa's birthday. It was a wonderful time of fellowship with good friends and our daughters!
Front Row: Myself, Sharla, Justine. Back Row: Corrie Post, Dena, Vera, Lisa and Sandy. Sadly, we missed 5 others in the picture

Fun Filled Weekend

This last weekend was filled with friends ~ old and new!! On Friday evening our good, old friends from Idaho arrived for the night. While on their family vacation, they came 45 miles out of their way to see us. We were so thankful they did! It was great to see Dave, Mindy and the kids again. Even Joe came home from the Police Academy for the weekend to see them and, we enjoyed having him here too :) Joe & Dave having Saturday morning breakfast. One of the things I made was chocolate chip pancakes; the kids LOVED these and Katie has been asking for them ever since (a big thing for my child that doesn't like breakfast!)
Trent's "cheese" face
Uncle Joe's "cheese"face! (and, yes, Trent is standing on the table.... he gets away with a lot of things when Uncle Joe is around)
Trent, Katie, Tys and their two new friends: Colton & Evan. Little Emma is msising b/c she didn't want her picture taken
Mindy & myself
They headed for California around noon on Saturday and, I spent the afternoon preparing to have around 25 people/kids over for dinner. Our church's candidating pastor, his wife and 4 kids arrived from Michigan on Thursday and, as you may already know, our church likes to have parties and eat! So, we showed Pastor Chris and Corrie just how we do that! Saturday night I served Italian and we had a wonderful evening of fellowship.
On Sunday, a record breaking number of friends & family went to the Cox's for lunch after the a.m. service. Then, that evening everyone headed back to our house once again.
This picture has bad lighting but you get the idea :)
Pastor Chris Post and Casey

Friday, March 19, 2010

DL Welding

Casey received the official word today that he'll be laid off March 31st; two weeks earlier than planned. Although being laided off from your job is never easy, we are actually ready for this. He has been working hard at getting his welding business going and, gaining contacts of potential jobs (through his welding instructor, Dean. Dean also has his own welding business) I am so thankful that God has brought Dean into our lives as, he has been a huge help in getting this all going! Dean has placed a bid on a 2 month welding job at a power plant in Sparks and, he wants Casey to do this job with him... the only down point was that it would begin the first of April. Now that he is getting laid off this month, he'll be able to do that job. Amazing how God works out the timing of everything just right! Casey has been working hard at learning how to weld on boilers, something that he's specializing in since there are very few welders in this state that do that. I am so proud of him! I will be doing the financial book keeping for our business... which, I guess makes me the official secretary :)

This weekend we will have our good friends, the Fisks, visiting from Idaho. And, Joe will be home from Post! We also have a visiting pastor and his family here from Michigan.... lots of fun times and good fellowship!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Washing Vehicles

Yesterday was such a beautiful day to be outside! The temperature was in the high 60's, with very little wind (a rare thing for us!) and sunny. Casey's plans changed and he ended up going to Reno this morning, instead of yesterday. So, he spent the afternoon washing our very dirty vehicles... the kids got to join in and help! I got to just sit back and relax :) While the guys washed the BIG vehicles, Katie washed her LITTLE one
Tys enjoyed the bubbles more than anything
Trent decided that washing vehicles was too wet and, that pushing his was much funner!

The boys hard at work!

Monday, March 15, 2010


The weather is so beautiful today we all went outside to enjoy it! Katie spent most of her time driving the Jeep around and, giving her brothers rides. Katie insisted on wearing her sunglasses because the sun was so bright she couldn't see to drive... and, she was kind enough to share a pair with her "little buddy"!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Relaxing Weekend

We had a nice, relaxing weekend. Casey worked nights so we enjoyed seeing him in the afternoons (with him being gone so much lately, we make sure to spend time with him when he's home) Between Friday and Saturday, I made 5 batches of cookie dough and froze it! The weather yesterday was really crazy... blowing snow one minute and sunny the next. So, it was a good day to stay home and do some baking. I also finished the last episodes in the "24" series, Season 1.... very heart wrenching, nail biting and stomach flopping ending! The kids were curious as to why mommy was crying to the t.v. :) Also, we've had Michael, Briana and Marisa with us although, all at different times.... Katie, Tys and Trent have had a fun weekend playing with their "prends"! We're seeing Trenton become more independant lately... making his requests LOUDLY known and wanting to do things on his own. This afternoon he enjoyed his Cheeto snacks while sitting in the big-boy chair :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

New Welder

On Saturday afternoon, Dad and Casey went to Oakland and picked up his new welder. It was a lot more work actually getting the welder into the back of the truck than they thought it would be. But, they got the job done!
I know this is the welder but other than that, I haven't a clue! So, if you know anything about welders, you can figure it out :)

Dad was a huge help to Casey in getting the welder bolted down before we left for Reno on Monday. If it wasn't for dad, I would have been the one in this picture (and, we all know how disastrous that would've been!! lol) Thanks dad for your help :)
The men hard at work!

As Katie would say "this is Grandpa's grumpy face"

Grandma Dora

On Sunday afternoon we were able to go visit Grandma Dora at the Bethany Home. Grandma looked just as good as ever and keeps herself busy with bingo and activities with her family. These last couple of weeks there have been 2 more greatbabies born... this brings Grandma's count up to 52 great grandbabies!! I find this totally amazing!

California Weekend Part 1

I finally found our camera! Here are a few pictures from our trip to CA last weekend. It was a last minute decision to do this little trip... Casey called me from Reno on Friday afternoon and asked if I wanted to go to CA with him. He had found a welder in Oakland and was going to buy it on Saturday. We had just been talking about how we needed to be a little more spontaneous so, I said "sure"!! I had myself and the kids packed and loaded in the car within 2 hours and, we arrived into Reno around 8:30 that evening. I wasn't too sure about driving 3 hours by myself, with 3 kids. But, they did great (napping half of the way) and we went to McDonald's for dinner. Katie and Tys have learned to hold hands whenever we're "out" (Katie will guide Tys where they need to go) and this has really helped me out when I have my hands full with Trent. Saturday morning we all loaded up in Casey's truck and drove to Modesto. It was great to see Mom & Dad for the weekend and, they were gracious to let us "crash" their weekend :) We spent our short amount of time there hanging out at mom and dad's and enjoying the beautiful weather! The kids got to:

HAVE LOTS OF HUGS FROM OMA! xoxoxoxo (note: why can't my daugther just take a normal picture??)