Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Harley tradition

Trent in his first Harley t-shirt!! I got the Harley t-shirt and chaps (which were really clothes for a teddy bear) when Katie was born. She needed the outfit to ride the Harley with her Grandpa :) Tys had his turn with the Harley outfit and it's now being passed along to Trent. I just LOVE the chaps! Too bad it's so cold right now and he can't wear them all the time. Trent also got a cool H.D. beanie from Oma and Grandpa but, it's still just a little too big...
Trent will already be a month old tomorrow! He is doing good at nights - waking up every 3-4 hours to eat. And, becoming more alert and awake during the day. We're learning that his little tummy is more sensitive so, I have to watch what I eat. This is all new to me since I could eat whatever I wanted with Katie and Tys... so, for the sake of Trent I've given up my beloved chocolate and Mexican. (or, at least excessive amounts of chocolate!)
Tys and Katie got to spend the night at my parent's last night and, Casey has CPR training for work all day today. So, I'm enjoying the morning with Trent and hoping to finish sewing Katie's dress. It was nice to sleep in until 8:30!!