Thursday, September 18, 2014

First BSU game

Our family have always been big BSU fans.  Casey and I have attended games together and watched many games on t.v.  I'm just a little more passionate about our smurf-turf-broncos and am happy to have passed that along to our football loving Tys!  These last couple of years he has had a big dream of wanting to take ME on a date to a live home game.  Last year we couldn't afford the expensive tickets so we watched them on t.v. together.  This year we were able to allow Tys' dream come true!  I bought tickets to the season's first home game and surprised Tys!  He was SO happy!! He and I went to the big game on Sat, Sept 6th and truly had SO much fun! I think watching Tys' expressions, reactions and amazement made it all so awesome :)

 Dr Pepper and a BSU game... he's one very happy boy!
 Up close at the blue turf
 The game was a late one (8pm) and didn't end until just after midnight.  I thought for sure that Tys would get tired but, no, he was super excited the whole time and we stayed until the last 5 minutes of the game.
 And, we won!
Tys' reaction when I gave him the tickets a couple of days earlier :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Labor Day Weekend #2

On Saturday we did a couple of things like go to Eagle's Saturday Market, visit the library and fabric store.  We also met up that night with all of my mom's family and spent an evening bowling at Big Al's.  On Sunday afternoon we girls canned a batch of cucumber relish, made and froze 7 pies (peach and apple) It was a big task but goes so much faster and easier with 2-3 of us working :)

 On Saturday and Monday morning mom and I were able to get in good, long runs (Thanks to dad for watching the kids!) Saturday we ran trails/hills behind Camelsback and, on Monday we got in 12 miles on the Boise greenbelt.  Both felt great!  I'm loving this cooler weather and start of fall :)

Spirit of Boise ~ Labor Day Weekend #1

Labor Day Weekend... Casey and Tys made a trip to Ripon to drop off a heavy load for his friend, Will and, to see Dad & Mom for the weekend.  With them gone for 3 days, the rest of us loaded up and went to stay at my parents for the weekend!  It was a like a mini vacation. We did SO much!  First on Friday night we went to the spectacular Spirit of Boise Hot Air Balloon Festival at Ann Morrison Park.  It was an evening event where approx 9 balloons lit up at night - called Night A Glow. Everyone had a great time and loved them!

Not my photo... but a great view of the Sunday morning lift off!  (a photographer took this from Tablerock)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

McCall, Idaho

The weekend of Aug 22nd we spent a three day weekend up at beautiful McCall with my parents and Jake & Krystal.  We camped in the Ponderosa State Park campground and had a fun weekend by the lake!  It rained the first night we were there but had nice weather the rest of the time.  We had fun playing in the lake, taking hikes around the campground, eating yummy ice cream in "ice cream alley" in McCall, roasting S'mores and I got in two awesome early morning runs on two mountain trails. The view of the mountains and lake was amazing!
 Hiking... Tys found an old woodpecker home
 We saw lots of deer.

 A big bee hive!

 Autumn is in the air...

 Mom and I took the girls on a little hike and found a huckleberry patch! We were able to pick about 2 cups worth and I baked yummy huckleberry bars!

 On Saturday afternoon we spent a couple of hours playing in the lake and in the sand on the shore.

 We recently got a new/used kayak from Casey's boss and were able to try it out for the first time.  It was lots of fun and the kids loved it!

No matter the season or time of year, we always love spending time in McCall!