Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kristiana 1 month old

Kristiana is now 1 month old! And even though she's no where near sleeping through the night, she is getting on somewhat of a schedule these days. She loves to eat!! I can count on her being hungry every 2 hours (3 hours at night is a good thing) She will even take a bottle - unlike our other kids in their newborn stage. While at the hospital yesterday, a friend of mine weighed her... she topped in at 10.2 lbs! I say it's the good Haveman appetite :) We have truly enjoyed every minute with her since she joined our family and so blessed by her smiles!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

morning time

While watching their morning cartoon, the boys like to snuggle with their baby sister...


Last week was our church's VBS; approximately 50-60 kids came everyday to learn about the story of Jonah and hear about our amazing God! They played games, had crafts, learned songs and just had a great time! And not only was our week filled with VBS but, we also had afternoons and evenings filled with hanging out with friends (friends from ID came to teach at VBS) a bbq at Joe's, a church bbq in the park and, we went to Taylor's birthday party last night. It was a fun but busy week! Shyla and Katie - playing an outdoor game

This was Tys' first year to attend VBS and he had a GREAT time! I got many comments from the teachers about how much fun he was and he quickly learned the songs and story.

Papa and Kristiana hanging out in the church and waiting for song-time to begin...

Katie and her friends, Heidy & Taylor

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mill Creek

Last weekend Dad and Mom and Marie came to visit and meet Kristiana. On Saturday, we enjoyed Dad's yummy waffles for breakfast and spent the afternoon relaxing and exploring at Mill Creek. It was a beautiful day to be outside and, the kids (and a few adults!) had a great time getting wet and muddy in the creek.

We forgot to bring along matches for the fire so Casey, Dad and Mom figured out a way to start a fire without them. It took a little while but, a fire began and we enjoyed S'Mores!!

Tys also enjoyed his watermelon :)

Tys and Auntie Ri roasting marshmellows

Grandpa and Kristiana

Daddy helping Trenton with his marshmellow

Is that a little smile I see??

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer time

Not only has this summer been filled with the excitement and adjustments of having a new baby sister but, the kids are also having a great time filling in their "bucket list" of summer things: going to the rodeo, lots of swimming, taking nature walks down our road and looking for stray golf balls by the golf course, having picnics in the yard and playing with friends, etc.... Katie is a wonderful big sister to Kristiana! She loves to talk & sing to her, hold her or simply just lie next to her.

A couple of weeks ago my parents and I took the kids to our local rodeo grounds to see the ladie's barrel racing. They had a great time and came home "racing the barrels" on their horses!

One of our many times to the public pool... Katie and Trenton are doing really well at swimming on their own and learning how to put their faces under water. Tys is just a little more cautious and enjoys hanging on to Nana :)

A little fun in our backyard pool!

Could you say he went slighly overboard with the swim gear?! lol

Saturday, July 2, 2011

5 days old

Kristiana is now 5 days old and settling in well with her family! She is doing all of the important things that a newborn should be doing: eating, sleeping and pooping :) And, has already given us a couple of smiles (although I'm pretty sure it didn't have anything to do with US!) We are enjoying her greatly and cherishing every moment while she's in this newborn stage.

Kristiana has had lots of friends stop over to see her since she's been home... I was so happy that our good friend, Sharla, was able to meet her before heading home to CA.

And when she's not being spoiled by friends, she is getting lots of attention from her siblings!

On Thursday she had her first big outing to Elko for a doctor's appt. She has lost 5% of her birth weight and now weighs 7lbs. She has quite the Haveman appetite so we're not too worried about her gaining that back... With 4 kids now, I was thankful to have my mom's help while in Elko!