Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Days With My Kids

While waiting for Katie to finish her piano lessons, the kids and I took a little walk along the greenbelt to check out the ducks.  Kristiana can say "duck" and "quack" now... she thought they were pretty cool! 
 A dinner date with my girlie :)  Last night she finished her last dance class (she's taking a little break from it since soccer will be starting up soon) On our way home, we stopped in at Taco Bell for a few of her favorite tacos! I love visiting with my sweet daughter.. her funny personality makes for an entertaining evening :)
 Today is Bible character day at school.  Katie went as Queen Esther and Tys is Joshua, the warrior :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bogus Basin Tubing Hill

Yesterday afternoon we joined our church and went tubing at the Bogus Basin Tubing Hill. About 95 of us had a great time blasting down the fast hill then, enjoying the scenery as the ropes pulled us back up, in our tubes, to the top (that's my kind of tubing!) Plus, I love being on top of the mountain at Bogus! 

Wes and Pastor Nick
Afterwards, we all went to the lodge for a yummy dinner of chili, hot cocoa and dessert. Thanks to the Young Adults for putting together such a fun afternoon!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Last Friday night my friends, Katie & Anne, went out for a girl's night of sushi and coffee at the Flying M.  We started off with sushi at Simply Sushi in downtown Nampa... a quaint little restaurant.  We sat at the bar area and had fun watching the chefs make all sorts of sushi creations! I tried a few different things but, liked this California roll the best.. it had crab in it (yummy and "safe"!) I'm looking forward to going back and trying more different items... and, am proud of myself for expanding my horizons when it comes to sushi :) 


Because the kids did so well with their dentist appointments, I took them to a nearby park afterwards.  The weather was warmer then what it looks like in the photos and, it was great being outdoors after being inside for so long.  This was our first trip to the park for 2013 and it was a huge hit!  I don't remember the name of this park but, you can see Lake Lowell in the background.  Casey's friend built this park for the city... it's located right in the middle of a field and quite new. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kristiana 20 months

A few words and sayings from Kristiana:

See Ya
"wah" (water)
bye bye
dada home
kitty & meow
Jesse & woof woof
sorry (tar-eeeee)

She also says all of her family names and is beginning to repeat things that we say... she's quite the little jabber-box and has very long winded stories! 


Last Wednesday the boys had their first trip to the dentist for exams and teeth cleaning. Since this was Katie's 3rd time, she got to go first and show the boys that it didn't hurt.  I love our new dentist office! I already knew one of the hygentist that cleaned their teeth and both ladies did a great job at making their time "fun"!! 
 Fearless Trenton was more concerned about watching the cartoons playing on the overhead t.v. then, what was actually going on inside his mouth!
 No cavities for Katie..yay!
Tys did such a great job at being brave and letting Amy clean his teeth.. he was nervous in the beginning but, came through like a champ!
Both boys each had one cavity so, its a good thing they liked their trip to the dentist because we'll be going back next month for their fillings *smile*

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Katie has been attending the Idaho Dance Connection classes since last fall and, has greatly improved on her "moves" over the winter! Mostly, she's been learning ballet and tap. Last Tuesday her class got to "show off to the parents".  She attends dance every Tues... her friends, Janelie and Eleana are also in her class so that makes it even funner! 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Birthday Week

A few photos, taken with my phone camera, from this last week... it was a fun week filled with birthday celebrations and the usual days full of library, work, Katie's dance, school etc. 
 This last week was mine, Marie's and my mom's birthdays so, we got our group of girlfriends together and went out last night to celebrate.  We began with 9 of us at the restaurant, Solid... in downtown Boise. Then, walked over to one of our favorite dessert cafe's, Le Paris Cafe. It was a great evening with lots of laughter and visiting :)   From there, 6 of us girls went to Bardanay's for a few drinks then, spent the rest of the evening dancing at Lil Roddy's.  What a fun night!!  My mom even went to Lil Roddy's for a little while.. I love that my mom can be one of the "girls" and have fun with us. I am thankful for the girlfriends in my life: Katie, Meredith, Marie, Luisa, Krystal, Kasey, Elizabeth and my mom and for the fun memories made.

 On Friday night we celebrated my parent's birthdays. Jake, Krystal and I made dinner and brought it to their house.. Joe was also with us over the weekend and was there. Good times!
Kristiana... the sunshine of my life!