Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Program

Zion Christian held their patriotic spring program last night. The kids had been memorizing their lines and learning songs since the beginning of the year; they all did amazing! Katie played the role as Andrew Jackson and Tys was a colonist. They each had a little line to say and sang songs like "You're a Grand Old Flag", "Yankee Doodle", "Star Spangled Banner" and more. I found it wonderful that our kid's spring program was very patriotic and Christ centered... quite the opposite from secular schools that are removing these from their schools all together. 

Yesterday morning my mom and I were able to get in our weekly long run outside, along the greenbelt. My dad watched Trenton for me and I pushed Kristiana along in the jogger. She did really well and only said "I done" towards the end.  We logged 12 miles and, it was such a beautiful day to be outside!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Soccer Game 3

For 8 weeks our lives are revolving around the kid's soccer... practices during the week and games every Saturday.  Playing on a city league is definitely on a much larger realm of things versus what we were used to in Nevada (dealing with finding soccer fields, parking and people was slightly overwhelming that first weekend!) But, we're figuring out the "system" and, the kids love playing! Every player is given a blue or green uniform then, alternate wearing those colors each weekend. So, this last Saturday it just so happened that even though each of our kids are on different teams/levels, they were wearing all green! Having three kids on three different teams is also challenging at times.. this last Saturday Trent and Katie's game times overlapped each others by a half an hour. Thankfully, Casey didn't get an "calls" for work and he & I were each able to watch them. It has been wonderful to see their game skills grow and they are all enjoying their time playing. 

 Friends...Katie and Janelie trying to stay warm while watching Tys' game
 Kristiana's red nose will show just how cold those early morning games are!

 This is Trenton's first year for playing soccer. He's done great at learning to kick the ball and is a "fighter" :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Praying for Boston

Monday, April 15, 2013



Let the party begin!  It was a fun evening surrounded by close friends and family.. 

 The two love birds!

 Peter-man.. he's such a cutie!
 Kyle was initiated into the "three amigos club"  which, by the way, has grown over the years!

The amazing chef that he is, Kyle prepped all of the reception dinner.. menu included grilled tri-tip, chicken, roasted potatoes, veggies, mac n cheese and, bread (baked by friends) it was an amazing meal! And, Kyle and Marie so graciously served their guests first!!
Congratulations to Kyle and Marie!!!

Wedding Ceremony

Despite the wind and a few clouds, Saturday was a perfect day to be married! They were married at 3 in the afternoon.. followed by photos of the wedding party/family and, a dinner reception.  I didn't get very many photos of the actual ceremony because I was in it :) But, here are a few before and after...

Kyle & Marie's wedding... rehearsal

This last weekend we celebrated and witnessed the wedding of Kyle & Marie! We are so thankful to have Kyle in our family and had a wonderful time with family and friends.  The ceremony was held at Daysprings Mission, the church Marie & Kyle attend.. and, the reception was at the Barber Park reception hall. Casey and I (along with Jerry & Bernice, and Greg & Heather - Kyle's sister and brother in law) were honored to be their bridesmaid and groomsmen. And, all the nieces & nephews got to ring bells as the "brides announcers".. super cute!
 On Friday afternoon the wedding party and friends helping out gathered for the rehearsal. It went smoothly and we enjoyed dinner in the fellowship hall afterwards.

 Kristiana.. a bell ringer!  (although for the actual ceremony she ended up in the nursery!)
 Tys and Trenton loved having their cousins here from Chicago for the weekend.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Here are just a few random photos from these last few weeks...
 Two Mother's Day necklaces I made at work... these were advertised on the website then, I was able to give my mom her "nana" necklace and our good friend, Monica, the "grandma" one. They turned out super cute!
 Kristiana reading books while waiting for Trenton to finish his speech therapy session
 Sisterly love!
 I'm so thankful that Casey enjoys reading books to his kids AND, that they enjoy having him do it!
Katie's poem was published in the school's newsletter!  She loves penguins :)