Friday, February 27, 2015

Mom's Birthday

February 1st... on Sunday, after morning service, we spent the afternoon at Mom and Dad's, celebrating mom's birthday.  This year Katie Rose baked our birthday cake!  It was a yummy chocolate bundt cake with our homemade cherry sauce and ice cream.

 Little Beckham is growing so fast and more adorable then ever!  He is beginning to interact with us and we love his smiles!

 Of course, his other faces are quite funny too :)

McCall Winter Carnival

For our birthday weekend (mine, dad & mom's) we had decided that we wanted to take a family day trip up to McCall for their Winter Festival.  This year they celebrated their 50 year anniversary so it was quite the event!  Thankfully, the weather and roads were perfect for the day.  We got to bring Janelie along and, enjoyed our fun (but long) day!  We counted approx 12 ice sculptures that were located throughout the town.  Also, their awesome parade was an hour long!  And, we got to go "ice skating" on the frozen lake.  Anytime spent in our favorite little getaway town is always fun and special.  The only downsize were the large crowds... we waited almost 2 hours to sit down for food!

 The 1st place winner.. a pirate ship that you could walk though...

 Fun on the lake!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lisa's Birthday

 This year my 36th birthday fell on a Wednesday so,we kept it low key and waited to celebrate that following weekend.  I did have a great day though!  Kristiana and I enjoyed a yummy DB treat and went to the Preschool Story time at the library.  We met our friends, Pam & Ava, there and had a fun morning!
 For dinner my parents brought us my favorite roasted chicken! AND, our wonderful neighbor gave us fresh, homemade bread to go with it.   I LOVE his bread :)
Throughout the day it was wonderful receiving phone calls, gifts, texts and FB messages from dear friends and family!  I'm so blessed!


The month of January has been busy!  Tys began his first season of basketball and is loving it!  Our friend and neighbor, Aaron, is his coach and, Tys has quite a few friends from school on his team.  They practice every Tue/Thur evening and have a game on Saturday.  His basketball skills are improving and he has been practicing outside here at home whenever he can.

January also brings dentist appointments for all the kids!  This time Kristiana had her very first cleaning and did fantastic!  She was afraid one bit.  She climbed right up in the chair and opened her mouth!  It's also nice that we love our dentist and his hygentists so much!

This winter has been unusually warm for us.  In January we had mostly temperatures that were in the 40's-50's... although, the inversion and fog were terrible!  There has been some rain but, mostly, it's very nice out!  We've been able to play at the park, feed the ducks and I've been running outside.

Our wonderful but, crazy, cat walks to the duck pond with us!

Beckham's Baby Shower

Our church gave a wonderful baby shower for little Beckham!  Karen and Patty did such a great job at hosting... the food and super cute red Ford truck theme was amazing!  Beckham was awake for his party and such a sweet baby.  He loved being held and soaked up the attention!