Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Dress

I was finally able to get Katie's dress finished this afternoon! My mom taught me how to sew when I was growing up but I haven't done it in SO long that I pretty much had to start over... So, this is a really basic pattern and yes, there are mistakes :) It also required help from my mom! But, it's done and I'm happy with it.... Katie keeps telling me "it's beautiful" and "I wuv it" However, she won't try it on again for me to take a picture with her actually wearing it. So, I'll have to try and get one later.... There's a wide band black ribbon that gets tied around the upper waist once she's wearing it.
Katie's new Princess bedroom is almost finished!! Casey is doing the last of the little touch up work today and I hope to have everything ready to move this weekend or Monday. Her refurnished furniture looks great and, I'm loving the pink walls!
Trent is getting to the point that he is easily bored whenever awake. He can only stay in one entertainment "station" (as I call it) for a short period and is ready to move on. Yesterday I needed to get something done and decided to put him in front of the t.v. for a few minutes... he's happy and content watching Dora with Katie and Tys (sad, I know....)