Saturday, September 29, 2012

Last Week...

A few photos from this last week... they are taken with my camera phone so, not the best quality!  
 Casey's toy was finally finished this last week!  Between my parents and Joe, the gun was given to him as a gift.  It has been put together slowly over these last few years and Joe got it complete while he was here visiting this last week... He will have lots of fun with it :)
 Kristiana is such a little climber! After leaving her in the kitchen for just a few minutes I came back to find her sitting on the kitchen table, eating freshly baked cookies (at 9 in the morning!)
 On Thursday, Kristiana and I went with Tys' and his class on a field trip to the Idaho Botanical Gardens.  I have ever only been there for the Winter A Glow festival in December so, it was great to be able to see it while the gardens are green and colorful!  Tys learned quite a bit about plants and we enjoyed a picnic lunch with his classmates. I have a picture of Tys on my camera and just need to get it downloaded...
Well, we are officially Idahoans once again!  After 5 years our Haveman Idaho plates were still available to have :)

This last week was super busy with the kid's activities at school and taking care of things at the house.  Currently, Casey is working Monday-Friday in Minnesota so, I am taking on the extra duties throughout the week here at home.  Thankfully our weeks fly by fast so before we know it, Casey is home for the weekend once again.

I hosted my first Thirty One party last night and it was a huge success! I was able to meet my first 30 day goal and am looking forward to what October has to hold!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lake Cascade

A complete family photo!

Women's Fitness Celebration

Last Saturday my mom and I ran the 5k St Luke's Women's Fitness Celebration! After many years of walking in this event, I always telling myself "someday, I will run it" Well, this was the year! I wasn't sure how well I'd do since I hadn't ran consistently leading up to the race but, was happy with my time of 30:37... with my mom just a minute or so behind me.  I love this event!  It's fun to be part of a big celebration with literally thousands of women! I love reaching the top of the Home Depot hill, looking back and seeing the stream of women that lead down all the way to the Capitol building! There is lots of music, dancing and our local t.v. anchor,Carolyn Holly, leading up to the event.  After the race, we can walk through Albertson park checking out all the vendors and free food :)

Camping at Lake Cascade

A few more camping photos.... We enjoyed a little time playing on the shore of beautiful Lake Cascade.   The kids did some fishing and the guys played with our RC cars in the sand... mostly, it was nice to just hang out and relax!

 Grandpa and Dina
 The kids had such a great time playing with each other!  They deemed each other "best friends" and were so sad when their time of playing together came to an end.

 Best Buds

 These two are definitely related!  Kristiana and Peter

 Oma and Katie making yummy apple crisp
 Playing with the RC cars!!
Casey teaching Kristiana how to drive.. we like to teach our kids young :)

Haveman Camping Trip

The weekend of September 15th, we met Casey's family at the S.I.S.C.R.A. camping ground near Cascade for a time of fun in the great outdoors!  The family had been there pretty much all week but, due to the kid's schooling and Casey's new job we were only able to go for a short weekend. We enjoyed our time with everyone and, the area was so beautiful! Having the whole family together is always a great time to get a few family photos... our last set of family photos do not include Kyle, Kristiana or baby Dina... yay for a growing family! 
 Dad and Mom
 Jerry, Bernice, James, Lucas, Peter and Dina
 Marie and Kyle :)

 The Grandkids!

The Havemans!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kristiana has grown so much over the course of the summer! Since she turned 1 yr old the end of June, she has truly blossomed and "come out of her shell"  Kristiana has an adorable laugh that makes you want to just tickle her all the time! She is also talking a little more and saying words like: amen, stop, Jessie, Katie, bye, hi and the usual dada, mama, papa, nana etc. She loves being outside... at the park, in the swing, in the stroller, swimming or just anywhere on the go.  Recently, she has obtained an obsession for shoes (takes after her mama!) and is always bringing me her shoes for me to put on her. Yesterday I told her we were going "bye-bye" and to go get her shoes... she got a huge smile and went to her room for her shoes!  She has been taking baby steps over the course of the summer however, last month she really took off with walking and is now almost running!  She is in to EVERYTHING! I only have to leave the room for a moment to come back and find her dumping out a whole box of plastic sandwich baggies or have every book off the bookshelves! To add to that, she also LOVES to climb!A few things we especially love about Kristiana are:
Her big, dimpled smiles
Crazy wild hair (she won't leave any hair bands in!)
Constant, sweet jibber jabber
A big-time Daddy's girl
Her spunky personality!
 Swinging at the park
 Full of Beans at the Canyon County Fair
 Fun in the sun
 zoom, zoom on the back deck
 She faithfully brushes her teeth every night
 dinner time...
 With mommy at Eagle Island State Park
 Yummmmm, CANDY!
Katie and Uncle Don at Uncle Jake and Aunt Krystal's wedding

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This last weekend Jerry and Bernice and their 4 kiddos arrived from Illinois!  They stayed at our house for the weekend than headed up to the campsite on Monday.  We will be joining them and the rest of Casey's family in Donnelly this weekend... It was SO good to see my 3 nephews again AND meet my new, first little niece, Berendina! She is a month old and so, so sweet! 

Marie and Katie soaking up "Dina" time!
On Saturday of Labor Day weekend my little brother, Jake, and his fiance', Krystal, were married!! It was a beautiful wedding held in the backyard of her parent's house.  At 7 'o clock in the evening, approx. 100 close friends and family came to celebrate their union.  My dad officiated their ceremony, Casey was an usher and Katie Rose got to be one of three flower girls. I love how their whole wedding was so special and totally unique to them and their relationship!  We are super excited to have Krystal in our family now and, thankful my brother has found "his woman!"

 Pretty girls!!
 My dad and Casey... waiting for family photos to begin
 JC, Katie and Makenzie

 The happy couple!!

 My dad's sister, Bev, came out from MO for the weekend.  She helped my mom and I prepare the food for the reception... it was SO wonderful to see her and Uncle Don again, as I hadn't seen her in approx. 15 years!
 Our family :)
After the reception, a group of us went to Barbacoa in Boise... a fun place to finish out the memorable night! Currently, the two love birds are honeymooning on a cruise in the Caribbean.... wish I was on a cruise in the Caribbean too... well, NOT actually with THEM but, with my hubby :)