Thursday, January 29, 2009

the big 3-0

Happy Birthday to me... I celebrated my 30th birthday yesterday but those of you who know me best know that I actually celebrate my birthday for the whole week! I know... I'm spoiled. But, it's just always happened that way since I was a kid :) So, it began last Friday when my friend, Jona, from the hospital made me her authentic homemade Chinese for dinner. Her Chinese is definitely the best! Thanks Jona :) On Monday, Tys and Katie spent the night at my parents house (according to my mom, this was for my birthday!) With Casey at work, it was just Trent and I at home by ourselves for the evening. I gave Trent a bath, spent time good quality time with him and watched a movie ~ definitely VERY quiet at home! Tuesday ~ Casey, Trent and I spent the day in Elko. We ate lunch at The Star, got our glasses fixed, went grocery shopping (yes, when you live in a small town you do those necessary 'things' when you 'go to town'!) and to Home Depot. Casey also dropped me off to do some of my own shopping... while he and Trent went to Cal Ranch. I found lots of great 75% off sales and had fun "Birthday shopping" :) Wednesday was my actual 30th birthday and it was pretty low key... Casey had training and worked all day. My parents brought over breakfast in the morning and hung out a while. I got a nap (yippea!) and had a great day with the kids. In the evening we all went to church, where there was prayer meeting. My mom had made dinner & cheesecake for everyone and we all ate dinner at church. It was fun to spend my birthday with my friends and family! Now, the celebration continues as my little brother arrives tonight from Boise. We'll be celebrating my dad's, mom's and my birthday tomorrow night with him... Jake is making his specialty steaks for dinner! I think that will pretty much wrap up my "birthday week"....
I was a little worried about turning 30. I used to always say that once you turn 30 you have to 'grow up' and become 'responsible'. Well, I may have more 'growing up' to do but, with 3 little kids I'm already feeling responsible :) So, 30 really isn't going to be that bad!!
A birthday present from my parents