Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kristiana 8 months

Kristiana turned 8 months old on Monday and is just as cute as ever (so I may be a little bias!) These last couple of weeks she has begun to sleep better at night - yay!! I have been trying to get her to lay down at night while still awake.. so far she's been doing this pretty well. She goes to bed around 8:30 and wakes up only once during the night to eat. Last night she woke up at 2:30 than, not again until 7am!! She loves to eat all kinds of baby food and recently began learning how to drink from a sippy cup (although most of the juice still ends up out of her mouth..) She weighs approx. 19 lbs and is wearing 12-18 months clothes. She likes to hang out in her walker or, rolling around on the floor. Everything goes in her mouth so we have to be really careful with what's left on the floor. Most of all, she loves her siblings! She wants to be wherever they are and is always highly entertained by their craziness and attention they give her. She is also a daddy's girl; just seeing Casey will bring forth lots of smiles and giggles!
Kristiana continues to bless us with her giggles and lovable personality and, we thank God everyday for our sweet little joy!

Kristiana began teething her top right tooth this week... she has been a little whinier and clings to me through this... medicine and a nice cold teething ring helps with the discomfort!

Monday, February 27, 2012


It has been almost a month since I've blogged! There is a very good excuse for this as we went to Idaho the second weekend of February and our computer crashed just a few days after returning home. We finally got a new hard drive (after the young clerk informed us that our computer is a dinosaur and he couldn't believe it was still running! ha ha!) and I am busily catching up on pictures, blogging and checking my emails etc. Here are a few photos from this last month... there aren't very many since my camera's memory card was pretty much full before the computer crashed and I couldn't download them... anyways... I'll start off with two very cool dudes.... one of whom had obviously just eaten dessert!
Kristiana has mastered the art of rolling this last month! She is also inching herself backwards, sideways and any other way that will get her where she's wants to go... nothing in the house is safe anymore!
Katie's friend, Marisa, got to have a sleepover. They spent much of their time playing Polly Pockets and eating chocolate pudding :)
A lot of sisterly love!
During our weekend to Idaho, Casey flew up to the Seattle area (Lynden) and got his new pickup! It had belonged to Grandpa Haveman and Casey was so blessed in being able to buy it when Grandpa passed away. Casey enjoyed seeing Dad and Mom and his aunts and uncles while in WA. He drove back to Boise on Sunday and, we caravaned home on Tuesday. During our drive home, the kids got to take turns driving with daddy in the new pickup.. how fun!!
Kristiana loves her bathtime and splashing around in the water!

Friday, February 3, 2012

This week...

Ahhhhhh, yes, teaching my kids to do the chores and clean the house was definitely one of my better ideas! Each child has been doing well in their daily routine chores and, helping me in the once-a-week chores (dusting, vaccuuming etc) They think running the vaccuum is lots of fun... for now anyway. I remember when I was kid and my mom taught me how to clean the bathroom... what great fun it was for about a month. Then it was one of those DO I HAVE TO chores! hee hee Anyhow, today was vaccuum day and we worked on doing a good, thorough job while, still having fun :)

The kid's character for this week is LOVE... figured that one was good with Valentine's day coming up! Each week we take a Fruit of the Spirit and focus on that for the week.

I began a serious running schedule this week. My mom and I are planning on running the See Jane Run marathon in June. We are only doing the 10K, for now. But, with being pregnant these last 5 years I haven't ran long distance in a super long time! So, it's back to the basics for me. My mom is way ahead of me (seeing as she hasn't been pregnant for the last 5 years!) in her running so, I am pushing myself to get where I need/want to be. I will be getting in 4 running days this week; it would have been 5 but I chose to eat chocolates and watch Ben (the Bachelor) on Tuesday instead.... got a good chewing out from my mom for that one! hee hee

Our happy Kristiana showing off her 2 bottom teeth! This last week she learned how to scoot herself backwards.... enabling her to get into even more things! She loves being on the floor near her siblings while they play or, in the kitchen with me (either in her walker or highchair)