Friday, July 13, 2012

It's Moving Day! The kids and I make our official move to Boise today... Casey will be back and forth these next few weeks to move for loads. We are thankful for these last 5 years that we've had in Battle Mountain and will forever cherish the memories made with our dear friends here.  We love you guys!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

June 27th - We celebrated Kristiana's 1st birthday!!  She spent her special day showered in love from her family and friends... 
 Good morning, birthday girl!
 as per tradition, her birthday breakfast was a chocolate donut... yum, yum

 for lunch we went to Wendy's for hamburgers and frosty's

 to work off all those sweets, we spent the afternoon at Settlers Park in Meridian.  This park is one of our favorites because of it's cool playground and water fountains.  Kristiana LOVED the water fountains! She spent her time splashing in the water crawling back and forth between fountains.

 In the evening we had a little party with her siblings, Aunt Marie, Meredith, Brian, Jake and Kristal at my parent's house... Katie chose a Mini Mouse themed party for her little sister!

 Such a big girl with her new purse!

Happy Birthday, Kristiana!! Your family loves you!
There are still a few more photos to post from June but first, I wanted to post these ones from the Fourth of July.  We spent the afternoon/evening with our friends, Tony & Becky, and their 2 girls.  The kids played in the pool, we bbq'd chicken and steaks and enjoyed our favorite Ste Chapelle wine. In the evening we lit off our fireworks and watched our town's big display from our front drive. 

 Casey and I spent the morning packing and doing things around the house so the kids went to our town's parade with the Longchamps.  Here they are right before leaving... 

June 16th - my mom and I ran our first run/race, See Jane Run, in Boise.  I began running last November and have worked up to running 7 miles on my long days... 3-4 miles on my short days.  Running my first race with my mom was fun and memorable!  
 The original plan was to have my dad and the kids come down to the race with us and hang out while we ran.  However, that morning Katie woke up with a fever so dad ended up staying home with the older kids.  We quickly got the jogger ready and brought Kristiana with us.  I ended up running it with her... my first time for actually running with the jogger!  Having the jogger put me at the back of the pack at the starting line so, when I came in 91st out of 202 I wasn't too disappointed.

 I ran the 5k in 31:36 and my mom was 32:??  I'm proud of her for coming in 5th in her division!

We run for champagne and chocolate!

Friday, July 6, 2012

On Monday Casey and I needed a little break from packing up the house so, we loaded the kids and headed to the local swimming pool!  We met our friends, Precious, Jessie and Marisa there too and, had a great time playing in the water.  The kids also got to show of their new swimming skills to their daddy :)  

June 22-25 the kids and I went camping with my parents and friends at Clear Creek.  We have been going camping and 4-wheeling at C.C. for years now and love it!  The scenery is amazing!  This was Kristiana's first big camping trip and she did super... the older kids had lots of fun playing in the creek, riding the 4-wheelers and go-cart, playing in the dirt, eating S'Mores and just being in the great outdoors.  We enjoyed our time with friends, Paul and Rachel and their 2 sons... and, also my friend, Colleen, and her 3 boys came up for a night.  

 Kristiana and I slept in the tent while, the older kids slept in my parent's camper.  She and I snuggled together to stay warm as it got a little chilly at night!
 Papa and the boys hanging out by the campfire
 Good times at the creek!

 Trenton fell asleep during this go-cart ride....
 Kristiana and our friend, Paul
 Colleen and I ready to ride the trails!
 Post ride... just a tad dirty :)
 me and my pops... nothing like a cold beverage after a good ride
 the three of us rode to the Horsethief Reservoir
 This picture looks like I cropped Kristiana in!
 Trenton's slightly burned 'mellow.. poor boy... he worked so hard at roasting it!