Thursday, October 28, 2010

Handsome Boys

After Casey and Tys got haircuts last night, Tys declared themselves "handsome" (han-thom) and wanted a picture with his daddy! Then, of course, the whole gang had to get in on the action....
The weather has gotten considerably colder this week so we've been spending most of our time indoors. Casey continues to work long, hard hours and, the boys have been fighting runny noses. Katie is learning the letter "G" in class and we enjoyed her Fall Party at school yesterday morning. During the party, she let Tys sit in a chair next to her at the school table (shared by other kids too) At one point I realized all the kids were laughing at Tys.... who was being a big goof-ball so that kids would laugh at him. I always knew he would be the future "class clown", yesterday proved it even more!
Our friends, Nathaniel & Saundra's wedding reception is this Saturday in Idaho. We will be leaving tomorrow afternoon for the weekend and are looking forward to seeing all of our long time friends again!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where's Trent? I don't see him anywhere. He must be hiding!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Girl's Weekend

The "girl's weekend" to Pleasanton, CA., was an amazing fun-filled time! There were 9 of us ladies who left early Friday morning for the OPC Women's Conference. We caravaned in two vehicles, stayed at a fancy Hilton Hotel, slept very little and spent two days laughing and talking non-stop!! Upon our arrival on Friday, we did some shopping at a nearby mall and celebrated Justine's 21st birthday at the Olive Garden in Hayward. Unfortunately, Sharla's fun weekend was cut short when she ended up in the Santa Rita E.R. Friday night. She was still sick the next day and hung out in the hotel while we went to the conference... we all felt so bad for her! She had 8 "mothers" taking care of her! Our adventures included one vehicle getting lost and ending up in downtown Oakland in the middle of the night (that would be the car I was in!) and a couple of "near accidents" on the crazy California highways. Thankfully, we all made it home in one piece around midnight on Saturday. Enjoying the beautiful fall scenery (and the back of Sandy's van!)
Friday lunch on the top of Donner Pass
We didn't let the rainy, dreary CA weather damper our spirits
Sharla in the E.R. waiting room. She had lots of friends there to keep her company!
Happy Birthday Justine!
Dana, Krystin and Amy
Me and my Mama
Sharla got to lie down it the luxurious back seat for the long ride home
Saturday night dinner at In N Out in Reno.... it was Krystin's FIRST time to In N Out!!
This year's conference was on sanctification and had an amazing guest speaker, Mary Beth McCreedy; it was great to see old time friends from sister OPC churchs!
I am so proud of Casey and how well he did in watching the kids for two days. The house was in semi-order, dishes washed, kids fed and laundry done! Way to go honey!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Firegirl Katie

The fire truck came to Katie's school one day last week and taught the kids fire safety. Katie came home as a "firegirl" and teaching her brothers what to do in case of a fire!

Pumpkin Carving

Sadly, we lost our pictures from our day at the pumpkin patch when the computer crashed.... Last Saturday our friend, Sandy, invited a group of friends over for an evening of pumpkin carving and roasted hot dogs! I brought two pumpkins and ended up carving them by myself! Tys took one look at the slimy pumpkin "guts" and took off to play in the sand box. Katie dug the seeds out of hers then decided the "guts" were too gross for her also. Marisa and Katie with their pumpkins
Katie's seeds
Precious and Edna... this was Edna's first time ever to carve a pumpkin!
Briana did a great job at carving by herself this year and did a great job at not cutting herself!

Our two pumpkins... I kept it simple :)
The kids showing off their pumpkins!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Up and Running

No, we have not dropped off the face of the earth... our computer crashed the beginning of last week and we were just able to it up and running again on Sunday (a huge thanks to Casey and Joe!) I did have withdrawls not having a computer but after a while got used to it. I actually read 2 books during the kid's nap times! However, it also made us realize just how much we use this thing. There are still a few programs we need to get back up again ie. picture files. As soon as we do I'll post the pictures from our fun day trip to the Pumpkin Patch/Kid Farm in Fallon and pumpkin carving with friends last Saturday. I love fall and am enjoying making apple pies for the freezer, applesauce and made another batch of apple jelly yesterday! Casey is also helping me create flower beds and we are busy planting bulbs, bushes and Russian Sage before winter gets here.
Trenton is beginning to talk in 2-3 words now and has said his first sentence. No one was surprised when his first sentence was "I want my ba-ba please"!!! Tys is our "big helper" and now opens and closes the gate (so that his lazy mama doesn't have to get out and do it... yay!) And Katie had her school pictures done yesterday..... when she got home I asked her to show me her smile that she used for the picture. It was verrrrry interesting... Hmmmm, I think I'm a little scared to see what we get! lol It is so much fun to watch her learn. Now, whenever I read the kids books she likes to point out letters that she knows.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Mealtimes around our house can be a little dangerous. Trenton likes to come to the table prepared for battle!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I accomplished 2 major projects today:
1. I made three batches of apple jelly... totaling 23 jars! And..... 2. Trenton got a much needed haircut
In the past I've always helped my mom make the apple jelly; well, this year she made me do it on my own. I had just a few questions but all in all.... did it on my own. We enjoy the homemade jelly throughout the year and I think I've only bought 1 or 2 jars of jelly/jam at the store in the last 5 years!
Trenton's hair cutting experiences are beginning to be like those of Tys'. He begins crying the minute we enter the salon and doesn't stop until he runs out the door 20 minutes later! To get his haircut I have to hold him and wear a cape (although it does very little good) Then, hold him in place with my arms and legs while the poor stylist does as best as she can. She usually gives him a sucker to try and help his crying which, actually just results in hair sticking to him due to the sticky slobber and tears running down his face! Well, of course, he hates hair sticking to him and that just makes it worse. Once she's done he gets a new sucker, new change of clothes for the ride home and makes a bee-line for the door "out"! Then, we head straight home for his bath (and change of clothes for me!) He is once again a happy little boy and can see things so much better without hair hanging in his eyes!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

We had a good weekend although, I guess Casey didn't have much of a weekend. He spent all day Satuday welding on a project then, spent most of yesterday recovering a semi-truck accident. The kids and I spent a quiet weekend at home. On Saturday we went to the park, did some baking and on Friday we went to our town's homecoming parade. And, last night we had friends over for dinner at the evening church service. I think fall as finally arrived as it's been much cooler and rainy these last two days ~ yay! Last Thursday Tys got to have his friend, Jacob, over to play. They had a good time playing together and using their little boy imaginations!
While Katie is at school, the boys are learning how to play with each other and come up with their own games or things to play (vs. having their sister to boss them around and tell them what to play!) This morning Tys used his sister's kitchen and cooked me a yummy meal of fruit, chicken and tea!