Thursday, July 9, 2015

My friend Jen and her family came up to Clear  Creek for a day (then, left Elle to stay with us) Jen and I took a little ride up the rode so she could check out all the beauty that surrounds us!

Dad, Casey and I at the Lookout Tower... the view from up there is SO amazing!!

Memorial Day weekend at Clear Creek

Per our usual family tradition, we spent Memorial Day weekend up at our favorite place, Clear Creek.  The kids and I, and my parents, were there for 5 days... while Casey and most of our Rosling/Foster family were there for the long weekend.  In all, our campsite had 9 campers and lots of "toys"!!  It was a fun time.. filled with riding, exploring, campfire s'mores, Dutch oven cooking, bike riding etc.  

Elle got to join us for a few days and the girls had so much fun together!

Our family has SO many May birthdays that we celebrated them all with one big party!!

Beckham 6 mos

Beckham at 6 months... He's such a happy little guy!  His beautiful blue eyes and contagious smile melts my heart everytime!! (He has pretty cool parents too!)

End of School

The last day of school was sweet and memorable!  Each child had a wonderful year in their new school, made new friends and learned lots!   Trenton graduated from Pre-K and he was SO cute with his diploma and cap.  His class sang a couple of songs, each child said what they wanted to be when they grew up (Trenton's was a Monster Truck driver!) and received their diplomas.  Afterwards there were cookies in his classroom and precious goodbyes to his amazing teacher, Mrs Pallesen.

 Oma and Nana got to be there for graduation too...

Tys and Mrs Riley... their last month of school was centered around chocolate... Tys loved that!!


May brought many activities for the end-of-school...
 Katie competed in her 2nd spring piano Festival and received an "excellent" grade.  She continues to grow in her piano playing and love for music!
 Katie and I were invited to attend her two friends, Elle & Makenzie's, dance recital.  Everyone did just a great job and we loved it!
 Trenton's class had a "Green Eggs and Ham" day at school in honor of Dr Seuss week... I was happy to be helping out in his class that day so I could be there to taste their tasty green eggs and ham!!
 Tys thought it was pretty funny to go to the rec center in his sister's flip flops! haha
 Katie's class field trip was to the Deer Flat Refuge center at Lake Lowell.  We spent the day exploring and learning about the lake, catching bugs and fishing off the dock!
Trenton's field trip was to the Zoo Boise, where I chaperoned him and two of his buddies.  Their favorite was the Komodo Dragon!
Tys and Katie had their piano recital (along with the rest of Mrs' Larson's students) on a Sunday afternoon, at the Nampa URC. With a bit of $ bribery, Tys performed his piece for the first time in front of an audience!  And, Katie did fabulous... inspite of an error and learning the importance of moving on after a mistake.  Great job to them both and we love our dear friend/teacher, Rachel!!

Mother's Day and Casey's 37th Birthday

Casey's birthday was just two days after Mother's day this year so, we celebrated both on Sunday afternoon.  We enjoyed a yummy lunch at Idaho Pizza with my parents and Jake & Krystal.  I am so thankful to have an amazing husband, a wonderful mother and mommy to 4 terrific kids!!