Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas morning

Katie woke us up very early on Christmas morning... actually Tys woke us up at 5:30 from his crying for a bottle. When Casey went to check on him, he found their bedroom light on and Katie not in her bed. She was out in the living room playing with her new toys! Who knows what time she had gotten up to play! So, we all got up and opened the rest of our presents. It's actually a good thing we got up early because I began having contractions once again (they had went away during the night) and we were able to open presents with the kids before heading to the hospital. To keep myself busy I took a shower, made an egg breakfast casserole (which we took to the hospital and fed the staff!) and got the kids ready to go to Doug and Dana's before going to the hospital around 8:30. The weather continued to blow snow like crazy and the roads were really icy... a true white Christmas!

I will post updated pictures of Trent soon! All of that snow we received last week has melted these last two days and turned everything to mud. Now, today it rained and is now snowing, once again, like crazy!!!