Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas with the DeWinkles

Every holiday we get together with our dear friends, the DeWinkles, and celebrate Christmas.  The kids exchange gifts and have a fun evening playing together.  This year Cory & Katie had us to their house for chili and cornbread and, I brought dessert.  Each year it's fun to take their group photo and see how much they've grown together as friends!

The Boy's Christmas Program

The boy's Christmas programs for school were held together on Dec 17th.  Just like Katie's, it was an upbeat, Jazzy Christmas program.  The boys did fabulous and were highly entertaining! 

 Trenton and his Kindergarten teacher, Mrs Pallesen

 A classic "brotherly love" moment :)

Baking Cookies

My friend, Pam, invited myself, Kristiana & Trenton to a cookie baking day Nampa URC.  About a dozen other ladies were there as well and we had an enjoyable time baking, sharing cookie recipes, visiting and getting to take a tray of cookies home. All of the kids had a blast running around playing with each other and "test tasting" the cookies :)

Katie's 3rd Grade Christmas School Program

The week before Christmas Lakeridge Elementary held there Christmas programs.  Katie's grade/class performed on the same evening as the 4th-5th graders too.  They all did a great job with their highly entertaining "Jazzy Christmas" concert!

 Katie and her teacher, Mrs Obert

Kindergarten Polar Express Day

The week before Christmas Trenton's Kindergarten class celebrated with a Polar Express Day... I got to spend the afternoon helping out at the class party.  It was a fun day filled with crafts, stories, frosting sugar cookies, hot cocoa etc.  Also, because Trent doesn't get to share his birthday with his friends at school, Mrs Pallesen let Trenton bring in mini-cupcakes so they could have a little birthday celebration for him.  Trent loved wearing his "Birthday" crown and sharing with his friends!

Beckham Dean Gollobit

On November 28th, we welcomed precious Beckham Dean Gollobit into our family!  Jake & Krystal are wonderful, proud parents and, we all just love him to pieces!
We arrived home from CA on Saturday and, Katie & I got to go meet him in the hospital on Sunday.  He has the cutest blonde hair and likes to suck on his lower lip or keep his hands tucked up under his chin.  Being an auntie is the best thing ever!!!

Beckham at 1 week old
On Friday we were able to visit Great Grandma Gladys in the Bethany Home Assisted Living facility. It was great to see her again!
 That evening Grandpa gave each of the kids a special ride on his Harley.. They loved that!  It was a perfect way to spend our last evening with them.

 With Oma's help, even Kristiana got to go for a ride!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving day ~ We were thankful to be able to spend this holiday with Dad & Mom... our first time for being on the farm with them!  That morning we attended services at Zion URC then, came home to a fabulous big feast that Dad & Mom cooked/baked!  It was a beautiful day outside too so after our meal we went for a little walk around the farm.  It was so nice to spend the day relaxing and hanging out with each other!

 Dad's yummy BBQ turkey!

 A little post-Thanksgiving dinner nap :)
 The orchards were colorful and so nice to walk through...

 Love this view!
Everyone spent the evening playing in the yard (or, the guys tinkering on their vehicles :)  Tys began a quest to make a 100 baskets.  He reached about half way on Thanksgiving and the rest he conquered the next day!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thanksgiving Part 2

We arrived to Dad & Mom's house on Monday evening.. it was so good to see them and be on the farm once again!
Tuesday morning we loaded up and headed to the coast for the day! It was a beautiful day to be on the ocean and we soaked up the sun. First we went to the Seymour Marine Discovery Center in Santa Cruz.  It was a very fun, educational, hands-on place right by the ocean.

 Trenton's favorite, the Leopard Shark

 The bones of a whale!

 From this look out we were able to see a whale off in the distance, on the horizon, blowing through his spout!  Everyone was pretty excited to experience this!
 Grandpa & Oma with their grandkids :)    *serious