Monday, August 27, 2012

Last Tuesday, the 21st, Tys and Katie started school at Zion Lutheran Christian in Nampa.  Tys is in Kindergarten this year and, Katie in 1st grade.  So far, they are enjoying it and are getting used to being in class "all day!" as they say :)  Another first for them is having their lunches at school... depending on the school's lunch menu they get their choice of hot or cold lunch.  This week seems to be going better with meeting new friends and actually remembering their new friend's names... and, it helped that their friends from church, Janelie and Eleana, are also in each of their classes.  I am proud of my two kiddos and how hard they work at school!  They are growing up so much!! 

 Next Saturday my little brother and his fiance', Krystal, will be married in the backyard of her parent's house.  I am SO happy for my brother... God has given him an amazing, fun, beautiful bride! Above photo: On August 12th my mom and I gave her a bridal shower luncheon at Smoky Mountain Pizza. Approx. 20 of her friends and family came to show her our support and happiness for their upcoming marriage!
 This last Saturday was Krystal's bachelorette party in downtown Boise. 7 of us girls began the evening at The Solid... making our way to various places like Fatty's, Bardenays, Lil' Roddy's and China Blue.  At Lil' Roddy's we met up with the guys as it was Jake's bachelor party as well. It was so fun to have the two parties together in the end!! We danced into the wee hours of the morning and just had a great time!
Not the greatest photo but you get the general idea of what a cute couple they are :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hello!  I'm back! After a long break from blogging, I figured it was time to sit down and catch everyone up on the happenings of our big summer.  Another excuse for not blogging is the fact that my computer was in another state for 2 months and we just now got our internet up and running in our new house...

Anyhow, the big news of summer is we've moved!  After my last post, the kids and I moved to my parents house in Boise.. Casey spent the end of July moving our stuff from Nevada to a storage unit in Idaho (and various other friend's houses... by the end we had stuff/animals in 6 different locations) After living with my parents for about 5-6 weeks, we were able to get moved into our new house in Nampa!  We love the spaciousness of the house and the big back yard where the kids can play.  Inside, there are 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 livingrooms and a beautiful all wooden "man-cave".  Including the man-cave there are 4 levels.. 3 sets of stairs! Yes, we all got quite a workout moving things up and down all those stairs :)  I will post inside pictures soon. Our neighborhood is nice and quiet... its more of a retirement community. However, it just so happens that our neighbors next door have little kids our kid's ages! A sweet older lady brought us corn from her garden as a "welcome to the neighborhood" gift... how sweet!

The same week we moved in, the kids started school at Zion Lutheran Christian and are loving it! We love how Christ is centered around everything that they do. Casey and I helped out with their big "cleaning the school" weekend (beginning of Aug) and Casey is volunteering his time on Saturdays to help other men replace their building's roof.  Katie and Tys are making new friends and, it's nice that their good friends, Janelie & Eleana, are in their classes too.

Casey began his new job as manager of Foam Concepts for F&H Mine Supply the beginning of Aug.  He was hired to first, move Foam Concepts from Minnesota to Boise. And, second, run the company once he gets it moved.  So, for the time being he has been spending most of his work weeks in Minnesota.  This last week he was "in" so we could get moved however, will be "out" again for these next 2 work weeks.  He is loving his new job!  The company is very laid back and very supportive of their employees and managers.  Having him work a normal 40 hour work week will be something that we are going to enjoy and will quickly get used to :)

There are lots and lots of photos to post from these last couple of months... for now, there is still lots more unpacking to do and wedding preparations for Jake and Krystal's upcoming wedding!!