Monday, January 5, 2009

Katie's birthday

Even though Katie's 3rd birthday isn't until tomorrow, we began celebrating last night at Ken & Judy's, with many of our close friends and family. Her favorite part about birthday parties is blowing out the candles, the cake and singing of Happy Birthday. She was SO excited to have it be HER birthday and have her own candles and cake :) She even sang Happy Birthday to herself with everyone else!

Katie with her two friends, Marisa and Jessie. This whole last year Katie has been convinced that she was 6 years old. I could never get her to say that she was 2. So, when everyone was asking her last night how old she was she kept saying "6"! A couple of times she said "7" ~ which makes sense! If you're 6 yrs old then of course you'd be 7 on your birthday! So, now I'll be spending this next year convincing her that she's now 3!!