Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Eve

I'm a little late in posting our Christmas photos but, figure I have a good excuse :) We celebrated Christmas with my parents and Joe on Christmas Eve, at our house. Mom made a prime rib dinner and I made the desserts. My first attempts at pecan pie and boeterkoek were a success! It began snowing like crazy on Christmas Eve and all through the night... into the next day. So, when I began having contractions around 2 in the afternoon on Christmas Eve I was just hoping they weren't the real deal. Well, it wasn't the real deal quite yet.... I figure Trent was just waiting for us to finish up our celebrations before arriving! Preparing to eat my last big meal before delivery :)
My parents

Uncle Joe aka. OSO

the kids ~ patiently waiting to open their presents!

Let the fun begin!

I played Santa this year - handing out the presents. I was happy to receive a new camera, leather jacket, shopping money and other fun presents!
Katie's cheesy "cheese" She got to the point where I know she was thinking "mom, please not another picture"!!
Tys is trying to carry his new blocks to Papa, so Papa could open them. It was hard work but he finally got it!

My dad is pretty happy about his new computer chip that'll make his 4-wheeler go EVEN FASTER!!

Tys' warm new jammies!

You'll never guess what will be arriving for Casey in mid-January.. his new AR-15 from my parents!


Katie in one of her 3 new princess outfits


GoodTimes said...

Hey Lisa... is Tys opening a double of the John Deere gift we got him? If so... I'm sorry. Were you able to exchange it? If not, let us know what he would like, keep the tractor and we'll give it to James. If I'm wrong and it's not a double.. good! Hope you're having a happy recovery from holidays... hoping to see you all in February!

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