Tuesday, November 26, 2013


During the month of November I, along with many others, post daily reasons/family/friends/things that we're thankful.  I may not do this everyday (mainly because of being so busy [previous post]) but, it's a good thing for me to do to be purposeful in taking the time to think about what I'm grateful for.. then, thanking God! I have good intentions of always being thankful everyday throughout the year too but, something about November holds me accountable :)
This last year has been full of so many blessings and yet, challenges and tough decisions to make in order to better our family life.  As we come to the end of another year, I'm continually reminded of God's constant grace, love and provision for our family. He has given us what we needed at just the right now and always provided our needs.  And if our "needs" weren't met then, we faced the fact that maybe it wasn't really a "need" after all :) 
Today, a mutual friend of mine is burying her husband.  He was a true hero to our city and a good Christian man.  His passing was so sudden.  I grieve for my friend and her loss.  I am also deeply reminded that life is fragile.  We are here but for a second compared to our time spent in eternity. Live it well.  Live it purposeful.  Live it with gratitude.  It makes me hug my kids a second longer and, love my husband deeper.  
Today, as we begin to celebrate Thanksgiving week, I am thankful for this journey called "life" that God has given me.  I'm thankful for His love towards me as I make this journey and, am thankful for the healthy and breathe that He gives my kids and family each day.

Thanksgiving Week...

I just realized that I haven't blogged in a while!  Since we've begun homeschooling I've found that my days are just flying by! It begins with my workouts at 5:30a.m., school in the mornings, afternoon activities at the school & piano and, work for me in the late afternoon/evenings.  And, the usual laundry, cooking & cleaning in between. So, our Thanksgiving break will be awesome... not only because of all the yummy food we'll be feasting upon but, for the simple fact that I MIGHT be able to sit for a few minutes! :) 
 Homeschooling is going great!  We begin at 8am and are done by lunch.  The kids are doing well in their subjects and are usually pretty good at staying focused and getting their work finished.  We recently completed a 2 week learning session on Sacajawea (where I learned just as much as the kids!) Katie has learned a new poem and Trenton has mastered his ABC's up to the letter "E".  Tys is working extra hard in math because it's more of a challenge but, makes up for it in his beautiful handwriting! And, Kristiana has recently begun singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" which, is the cutest thing ever! :)
With race expo AND holiday season coming up, work has been especially busy lately.  Last week I worked from 4p-11p Wed-Fri and, the same last night.  I'm working on stamping LOTS of charms for both customers and expo... fun but, also tiring.  I'm looking forward to my upcoming trip to So California to work at my first expo (selling our iDeclare charms)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Early Thanksgiving

Last Sunday we enjoyed an afternoon at Kyle & Marie's new townhouse! Mom & Dad were also here from Ca., for a quick weekend trip, and it was great to see them! Kyle and Marie cooked up a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner (it's never too early to be 'thankful', right?) and afterwards we took a little walk to their nearby park.  It was so beautiful outside! 
We took the camera along and got a few nice pictures...

 Just a little "booty crack" haha

Discovery Center

Friday ~ my friend, Miriam, invited us to go to the Discovery Center, in Boise, with her homeschool group/co-op.  I can't remember the last time we took our kids there and, thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to meet new friends AND get in some science!  I actually found a good deal online to a year long pass to both the Discovery Center and Zoo Boise so, we'll get to enjoy going to both places all next year!
 We arrived in time to attend an educational class on the 6 systems in our body... fascinating! Each child got to "help" and learned quite a bit about their bodies.

 the boys and their friend, Gideon

 At the kiddie grocery store, I sent Katie off in search of healthy food choices. She did pretty well!
 Trenton "the weatherman" in the t.v. station
Afterwards we enjoyed a picnic lunch with our friends at the nearby park


Last week was a big one for us as we began homeschooling!  We still love Zion Christian School, and were sad to leave there, but it was just costing us too much financially.  So, we are beginning our new adventure in life as a homeschooling family! Katie and Tys are still going to Zion on Tues/Thur afternoons for music and to see their friends; the teachers got together and asked if they could also stay for lunch and recess.  We are SO thankful for the love and support they're showing us!  So, we have a new routine of getting up early to do chores (even earlier for me so I can get my workouts in..) then, begin school at 8am.  We're usually finished by noon and have the afternoon to practice piano, do errands, clean house and, of course, play! They were already using quite a few ABeka books at school so its nice they can just continue on with what they were already studying.  

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Zeitgeist Half Marathon

This morning my mom and I completed our 5th half marathon for 2013! We ran the Zeitgeist, a more challenging course in our local Boise Foothills.  There were quite a few uphills to conquer... including the big one from miles 7-9.  The beautiful fall scenery of the foothills made the difficult run totally worth it!

 Seeing my family at the finish line... one happy mama!  And, so thankful to have Casey there too (this was his first marathon event of mine that he was able to attend..)

 My mom at the finish line... finding the kiddos in the crowd :)

 Love my family!!! And, am so thankful for their support and enthusiasm :)  They were cheering us on at the finish line... in this photo they're just ready for some lunch! haha

Even though we don't actually run the races together (due to different paces) I'm still so thankful for my mom, who is also my running partner.  We're each others motivation and inspiration! Love you, Mom!