Monday, August 30, 2010

Mill Creek

On Saturday I was feeling brave and took 6 kids to Mill Creek for a picnic. Briana, Eliese, Katie, Jolena, Tys and Trenton and, myself, had a fun time of exploring in the desert/mountains, playing in the creek and looking for wild flowers. The kids got along great and it was nice having the two older girls there to help with the younger ones. The only challenging time came when both Trenton and Tys needed me to carry them down the mountain... let's just say I got my workout in! But, all survived and we came home dirty and tired! Jolena and Katie
Eliese showing off her bow and arrow skills
Katie and Jolena performing a dance for me
Trent is always happy with his bottle in hand!
We always have to have at least one "meltdown" during an outing! It was something like "Jolena's rocks are prettier than mine....!"
Briana and Eliese found their treasure, slime
Tys and his awesome rocks!
Jolena's super cool rocks
Yay! Katie is a happy girl once again!
Saturday evening we enjoyed having our friends, Judy & Ken, and Matt & Justine over for dinner. Than, last night we had fellowship at our house after the evening church service and, tonight we'll be meeting with Katie's new teacher. Somewhere in the middle, we're harvesting the garden, eating yummy chocolate zucchini cake and homemade pasta, house training adorable Sammy, pulling out fall/winter clothes from storage (it was cold here this weekend!) and blah, blah stuff like laundry and house work.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

SLC ~ Lagoon Day 2

Here are pictures from Day 2 at Lagoon. It was so nice to have Casey, Jake and Shane with us! We "big kids" took turns riding the big thriller rides and watching the kids as they rode theirs. Casey and I at our campsite - ready for a big day of fun!
the boys on the Carousal that's 110 yrs old!
Casey, Katie and Tys on the log ride
Mom and my little brother, Jake
me and my boys in line for the beloved car ride. Trenton wasn't very patient when it came to waiting in line!
On the car ride - again.....
Nana & Tys

Katie having a little fun with her Uncle Jake

Shane and I getting ready to be launched over 200 ft in the air!! It was almost just as good as sky diving :)
Me and my awesome hubby!
Our attempt at a family photo. The boys were ready for dinner and Katie was sick of the camera! And, I needed to clean off the lense. I guess we won't be using this for our Christmas photo this year LOL
Another favorite ride, the Whales
Sunday ~ we rested at camp in the morning then, in the afternoon Casey and I took the kids to visit Uncle Don and Aunt Arlene. It was so good to see them again! Casey had to head back to Nevada that evening but first, he was able to pick up our new puppy, Sammy.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SLC ~ Lagoon Day 1

Friday ~ Briana, my parents, the kids and I spent the day at our favorite amusement park, Lagoon! The gates opened at 10am and closed at 11pm. We were there for all of it except for 2 hours at dinner time when we headed back to our campsite for a little rest. Also, Casey, Jake and Shane arrived at camp just in time for dinner. The weather was in the 90's and we couldn't have asked for a better day! We all rode tons of rides throughout the day, took breaks for ice cream and cotton candy and watched a theater show.

This car ride was Trent's favorite! He cried everytime he had to get off. Between the two days he must've rode it at least a dozen times!
On the train ride... this was a favorite amongst the kids. It was also liked by the adults because it meant we got to sit for a few minutes! Trent kept saying "choo choo"!
Katie enjoying her cotton candy
She was kind enough to share with Tys too.....
Trent enjoyed his sucker for a little while then, sleep got the better of him!
Tys and I getting ready to get cooled off by this water ride

SLC ~ Aquarium

We spent 6 days in Salt Lake City with my parents and Briana and, had a great time! My brother, Shane and Casey were able to be there for the weekend. We arrived on Wednesday afternoon and began setting up camp at the Lagoon Campground just as the storm clouds were rolling in. As we were hurrying to get the tents up, dad realized we didn't have the rain guard for the boy's and my tent... he geniously improvised for the time being! And, we later found the rain guard.. which, came in handy off and on during our stay. Trent spent his 6 days at camp pulling his little bike around. Towards the weekend the campground filled up and our kids soon became friends with all the other kids around us. It's a good thing, because Trent is an "explorer" and found our little area to be quite boring... he liked everyone else's campsites much better :) No worries though, he did learn his boundaries and couldn't stray too far.
Thursday ~ it rained off and on that day so we decided that indoors, at the Aquarium, was a good place to be!
We went to an educational show where they brought out this Boa Constricture
My mom and Miss Katie

Katie LOVES penguins!
Tys was very intent upon watching those fish!
The girls and I in the fun coral playland
Briana and Katie ~ Katie was holding her breath since she was swimming in the ocean!

Trent and Papa
Miss Briana
Nana and Tys in the coral cave
Trenton and I (he was loving the camera that day!)
Briana and Katie

Trenton loved watching all those fish!

Katie climbing near the "Do not Climb" sign! I saw the sign while taking her picture :)
Tys driving the animated boat. He was practicing for when his Grandpa lets him drive the jet boat!!
Briana and Trenton on the frog