Thursday, May 27, 2010

First Time Sandwich

For lunch today, Katie made her very own sandwich. This was a first time thing for her and she did a great job! All I could think was how big she's getting... sigh...


So far, we're having a busy and productive week. Casey is busy trying to line up work and making contacts with businesses; today he is doing a welding job in Wells. We are enjoying having him home (and having his help in getting things done around the house!) but, are also praying for steady work. On Tuesday, he and I took the kids to Elko for the day. While he did some business things, I took the kids to the story/craft time at the library. I admit I was a little nervouse about taking 3 kids to the library by myself... but, they did great and having Trenton in the stroller was a huge help! We also did some shopping and took the kids to their favorite wooden park. The rest of this week has been rainy and cloudy; I appreciate the rain because that means I don't have to water our trees and my sunflowers by hand (we're still working on our watering system!) In between the rain, I've gotten some work done for Ken & Judy and, some weeding done in our own yard. This Saturday will be an awesome day as, that's when our sod is expected to arrive.. YAY!! Trenton decided to help himself to a cold beverage :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

D.L. Welding

Here are a few pictures that Casey took while on a job site. Dean and another worker that I don't know

Travis welding... check out the sign!


Yesterday was our big day for pouring concrete and making our backyard patio! Casey, my dad and Joe worked hard and it turned out great!! I stepped out of my "comfort zone" and helped also :) One of three loads of concrete
My new pair of BIG BLACK RUBBER BUCKLE BOOTS! Since my childhood I've always said that I would NEVER wear black rubber boots.... This is proof that you "never say never!"

Getting nice and dirty
My dad with load #3

The ever-talented Joe working AND talking on the phone!
I love our new patio... thanks guys for your hard work!! Next on the list is grass :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

This week

Here's a run down of our week since my last post:

Tuesday ~ Mom and I took the kids and Briana to Elko for the day. We had originally planned on going to their favorite wooden park but the weather was too cold and windy. So, instead we went to the "big library" for story/craft time. I signed the kids up for the summer reading program which, includes activities and an ice cream party. They love books so I figure this will be something that they'll enjoy! We also did some shopping, played in Toyland at Burger King and had ice cream!

Wednesday ~ I cleaned house, worked at Judy & Ken's for a while and started laundry; a typical busy, productive day. Casey's job at the power plant finished up around noon so he made it home by dinner time. We're happy to have him home for a while but, are also praying fervently for more work. He has a couple of jobs lined up but, have to wait for the bids and paperwork to go through. Our business add has been in our local paper for 2 weeks now and we're beginning to receive calls. Some of them are people actually looking for work... "are you hiring" I have to laugh because we're trying to just support ourselves at this point! LOL

Thursday ~ Casey spent much of his day going around to local businesses, putting out cards etc. And, working on his tractor. With no success at getting it running, he useded our neighbor, Jeff's tractor to begin moving dirt for our upcoming patio. The boys spent much of the day outside playing on the 4-wheelers and tractors. Katie spent much of her day inside playing Princesses and "going to the beach". I also found a newly crayoned piece of artwork on her bedroom wall. When Casey and I asked her about it she animatedly explained that it was her new "growth chart" so we can see how big she gets. True, it really does look like a growth chart. I couldn't help but laugh inside :) "next time", I explained, "just ask us and we can buy you one, instead of coloring on your walls"

Friday ~ we are pouring concrete for a patio! Here are this morning's photos... I am obviously taking a break from manual labor while posting these....

Our big helper, Tys

Monday, May 17, 2010

Visit from Mom and Dad

We had a great weekend with Mom, Dad and Marie and Casey! Everyone arrived around the same time on Friday evening (which was pretty amazing considering they were all coming from 3 different states) We spent Friday night and Saturday hanging out with them at the house, celebrating Mom & Casey's birthdays and, Casey & Dad planted trees along our property. The guys also worked on Casey's tractor and went 4-wheeling with Marie. Time went by too quickly but, it was enjoyable while we had them here! Per Katie's request, Grandpa made us his famous waffles for breakfast
Just back from POST, Joe came for breakfast and brought along his new favorite coffee from his favorite donut shop :) Congratulations to Joe, who graduated near top of his class at the academy! We celebrated his success by having a party/lunch at the Cox's on Sunday afternoon.
Mom got to open her birthday and Mother's Day presents

And, she and Casey got to blow out their birthday candles
Katie and her Auntie Ri
Trenton and Oma got to do some "zrooooming" outside

All dressed up for church...

Friday, May 14, 2010

After spending a few minutes in the laundry room I came into the kitchen to find monster-boy doing this... he had pulled the chair up to the sink and was quite proud of himself! Check out his new hair cut that my friend, Dania, did yesterday. Trent did a terrific job at sitting still and wasn't at all afraid of the clippers. Thanks, Dania, for doing such a great job! He's looks like such a little boy now and no longer my little baby. Mom & Dad H., Marie and Casey should all be arriving here around dinner time; I have been busy cooking, baking and cleaning! We are looking forward to having them here and having a nice, sunny weekend.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy

Happy Birthday Daddy!! We love you and miss you! And, we are looking forward to celebrating your birthday with you this weekend..

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day and am so very blessed to have my precious family! All day long Katie and Tys kept telling me "Happy Mothers Day", "Mommy, I love you" and "Mommy, you're the best"

The kids and I with my amazing mom! I am looking forward to reading my new Jodi Picoult book that she gave me; I'm afraid if I begin the book now I won't get anything done this week!
After church, we went out to Judy & Ken's for a big lunch and fellowship with friends and family. Casey arrived home from Reno late Saturday afternoon and left again around 4 this morning. It was so nice to have him home, even if for a short time. It looks like there is about a week - 2 weeks left on this job; please pray that he'll be able to find more work after this one ends.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Thursday ~ The highlight of yesterday was going to the carnival! The kids had waited and waited all day for the time to go and were so excited when I told them IT WAS TIME! We also brought Marisa, Jessie and Briana with us; and, we met Lisa, Taylor, Dalton, Precious, Edna and Jolena there. The kids spent 3 hours riding rides, eating cotton candy and playing a game that won them blow up guitars (Katie now thinks she's a rock star!) I now know what my parents went through when I was a kid and they took Jake and I to the traveling carnival! However, this particular carnival wasn't too bad... the carnies were clean and most of them had their teeth! LOL Marisa and Katie
Briana and Jessie
Dalton, Taylor, Katie and Briana inside the apple tilt-a-whirl. Katie LOVED the fast rides and even went on the bigger kid rides with Briana... she isn't afraid of anything!
Tys was a little more cautious about the rides and preferred the cars, motorcycles or horses that went round 'n round. He was so amazed by all the bright and colorful lights at night!
A pink car just perfect for Princess Katie

Lisa with Taylor & Dalton
A snapshot by Katie... Tys and I having lots of fun!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Wednesday ~ This morning started early for me when I went to work at Judy and Ken's from 6-8am. I find the 2 hours of pulling weeds and planting flowers to be relaxing (and sometimes cold!) Katie spent the day with Nana, Papa, Tracey & Briana in Elko so, the boys and I had some quality "boy time". We did a few errands, visited a friend and played at the park. We enjoyed naps this afternoon and a Mexican themed dinner at church tonight. Once again, the wind was blowing in massive droves throughout the day; I finally said "that's it. I'm sick of this wind!" At the park!
Lynette stopped by for just a minute... being one of their favorite babysitters, the boys ran to her in excitement! She was going home to bake dessert for tonight's Senior Dessert Night... I'm so going to miss her when she leaves for college!
Tys going "higher, higher"
Katie had a fun day in Elko and brought us home a watermelon. As you can see she was enjoying it and ate three pieces!
Katie also picked out these beauuuutiful, very vibrant bouquet of flowers for me for Mother's Day; she's so sweet and thoughful!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Tuesday ~ This morning, the boys got to watch their favorite "Kid Songs Trucks" sing along DVD at the computer. Tys is learning the words to "I Like Trucks"!
It was a beautiful (non-windy) day today!! Dad worked on getting the fence up around our garden.... hopefully, this will keep the rabbits & dogs out!
Tys spent quite a bit of the day outside. He loves to ride his "ractor" and cars down this little dirt pile.
Trent just loves anything that has to do with being outside and the camera!
Princess Katie and Briana spent much of their day inside... playing with baby dolls, Pollys, doing crafts & school and, having a tea party.
Showing off Big Bear Jona (I'm pretty sure they named Mr Bear after our good friend, Jona!)
And, I talked to you! This was Katie's first attempt at using the real camera - not bad! I had to get on my knees so that she wouldn't cut off my head.
More highlights of the day:
1. I worked at Judy and Ken's for 2 hours
2. Did some scrapbooking
3. the kids had a puppet show
4. I got Katie signed up for Pre-K next fall at the Lutheran school. She was SO very excited and happy to hear to her best friend, Taylor, will also be in her class. Now she keeps asking me when it's time to go to school. Sigh.... it's going to be a long summer! LOL