Saturday, January 10, 2009

2 weeks old

Trent must be a very special brother ~ Katie lent him her special blankie this afternoon!!
Casey has been working very hard in the addition/Katie's bedroom all day today... it's almost finished!! Tys spent the day "helping" his daddy. He likes to "hammer" with a piece of wood or, sit at the doorway and watch everything that Casey does. It looks like he inherited his dad's love for construction work!
We've had a pretty uneventful week but, also a busy one. Trent is getting on a good day and night routine and, is developing more 'baby' features instead of the 'newborn' look. Katie is my big helper and likes to talk to her baby brother, wrap him up in blankets or hold him (with help)
Casey took the kids and I out on a "dessert date" last night ~ we went out for ice cream then, stopped by Nana and Papa's for a little visit. It was good to get out and we enjoyed our milkshakes :) Also, yesterday, our good friend, JJ, came over to visit. She's currently on winter break from college and it was so nice to see/visit with her!!
I passed up a nap this afternoon and did some scrapbooking instead. It's always nice to get something accomplished!! Now I'm off to give Trent a bath.....