Friday, March 20, 2015

School fun and Library!

In February, before our library closed for it's big move to the new one, I took Kristiana to StoryTime.  We liked to meet our friends, Pam & Ava there too!  The girls enjoyed the stories and craft time.

 Yay!! After waiting months and months, our new BIG library opened in downtown Nampa! On it's opening day we went down to the square and joined in the big town celebration.  It's quite big, updated and has lots of new books!! We all love it and look forward to many hours there spent reading and choosing books!
 Two weeks ago was Dr Seuss' birthday so, school celebrated Dr Seuss week!  Trent's class spent the week reading Dr Seuss books and make Cat in the Hat crafts.  On the Tuesday I was there helping out we cooked Green Eggs and Ham for the kids to try!  It was liked by most... including Trent!

Over Feb-March, the girls took swimming lessons through our local Rec Center.  They were 5 weeks long, twice a week (Kristiana in the morning and Katie in the late afternoon)  They both had wonderful instructors, had fun and greatly improved in their swimming skills.  Both girls are not at all afraid of the water!  Kristiana can now hold her breath and go under water for a period of time.  She also likes to dive for the water rings.  Katie is a good swimmer!  She can swim on her own in the deep end and has learned different swim strokes.  She likes jumping off the diving board and swimming in the deep end.  Kristiana loved going down the water slide!  Everyday she asked me "is it swim lesson day?"  She LOVED it!!


Beckham is now 3 months old and cuter than ever!!!  We just love him to pieces!  He is so strong and can roll over, stand with help and almost sit up.  He is cooing and laughing!

I definitely enjoy my auntie time with him!

Feb and March

I am SO behind in my blogging!  I'm not sure how but Feb and March just flew by!  And these are usually our quieter months.  Here is just a little bit of what we've been up to...
 I began a 12 week TERRAfit team challenge and am loving it!  We're currently in week 5 and have done well with our team and individual rankings.  Out of a 1,000 people our team has moved up a little each week.. beginning in the 70's.  It's based on a point system and have 6 people/friends on my team.  The challenge is fun and a great way to keep my motivated for this summer's races!
 Kristiana found this Doc McStuffins material at a fabric store and wanted me to sew her a dress... she loves it!
 Spring training has begun and I'm enjoying the beautiful weather for running outside!  This day's run was a 10 miler around Lake Lowell.
 In March we were invited to celebrated Grayson and Ava's birthday... our friend, Christine, made Ava's adorable Frozen cake!  It was a big hit for the girls!!  They are such cute little friends!
 After a hard day's work cleaning in the backyard, we enjoyed our first BBQ dinner on the back patio... special family times and silliness going on!
 Every Tuesday I help out in the kid's classrooms at their school.  It's also a special time when I can stay long enough to have lunch with them too!  Or course, there's never a dull moment!!
 We February we had Buddy stay with us for a week while my parents vacationed in AZ.  He added excitement to the house and learned how to walk on a leash with Casey.
 I got to help in Trenton's class for his Valentine's party... he gets to sit by his friend MaKenna :)  It was a fun party filled with goodies, crafts and exchanging Valentines.
 Ahhh, Trenton, we love you so much! :)
 The weather has been so nice we've been able to enjoy little walks to our local duck pond.  Kristiana and her friend/neighbor, Ellie, enjoyed an afternoon walk to feed the ducks.  They also did some Dora the Explorer exploring!!
 Katie Rose has been learning how to cook and bake... usually once a week she'll cook dinner.  This was a yummy stuffed pasta shell dish.
In March Katie Rose performed in the Spring Festival piano competition... she played two beautiful pieces, from memory, before a judge.  She received an "excellent" and we are SO very proud of her!  We are thankful for the gift God has given her in music!

Shooting Hoops!

Tys loved playing basketball through the months of Jan- Feb.  His team practiced two nights a week and had a game (sometimes two) on Saturdays.  He had lots of fun and, his skills greatly improved by the end.

 Tys and his friend/neighbor, Dillon

 After the last game of the season, he and I made a special trip to our favorite Dutch Bros!!
To celebrate a great basketball season, Tys and Casey went on a guy's night to see our local minor basketball team play, the Stampede.  They went with friends Aaron and Dillon and, had a fun guy's night.  Sadly, the Stampede's lost the game however, their moves and shooting hoops skills were still pretty impressive!