Tuesday, April 19, 2011

29 weeks

I am now 29 weeks and in the beginning of my third trimester! Her hiccups and movements are definitely more noticable and stronger now... such a wonderful feeling!

Easter Eggs

The kids decorated their Easter eggs while my mom was here this last weekend. Briana also came over to join in the fun and, they all did a great job at dying their eggs various bright colors. The boys got their fingers dyed just as much as the eggs! They also decorated the eggs with crayons and stickers. Trenton had a great time playing with his egg in the cups... causing a mess and making mommy promise that next year we'll be dying Easter eggs outside!

I showed the boys how to dye their eggs using a spoon but that just wasn't as fun as getting their fingers all colorful too!

Katie showing off her egg with "Katie" spelled on it

Nana and Trenton

Trenton and Josiah

Trenton's friend, Josiah, came over to play for a couple of hours this morning. Trenton calls him "Jo-Jo"! The two boys are learning how to share with each other and try to claim their position as "king of the nursery" lol It's such a blessing to watch these two boys grow up together as friends.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trenton and Sammy

As some of you may already know, I have a like/dislike relationship with our dog, Sammy. She has a few good qualities, such as: 1. good watch dog without the excessive barking 2. friend to Jesse and the rest of the family. Many of the dislikes includes the fact that she loves to eat my trees, bushes and flowers before they've been in the ground for even 24 hours. This includes removing the wire and protective covering we place around the trees and bushes. A few of her favorite chew toys also include kid's outside toys, shoes (when accidentally left outside) bark, my mop and anything else that proves to be "fun" in her eyes. Her favorite place to do her "duty" is on our grass or at the bottom of our front steps... even though she has 2 acres to do this. She can also escape from the dog pen even though it's more secure than Fort Knox. So, yes, she and I have gone rounds and rounds! BUT, how can I be mad at her when I look outside and see her following her little buddy, Trenton, around the yard? She and Trenton have developed a strong friendship... this usually includes Sammy following Trenton around the yard... always just a few steps behind him. They spend countless hours together exploring and walking... and, its cute to see Sammy stop walking when Trenton stops walking. Then, Trenton starts up again and so does Sammy. Yes, they share a bond that only a little boy and his dog can fully appreciate. When I see this it helps me to appreciate her just a tiny bit more too :) Trenton calls her "wuff, wuff"
(Yes, Trent is still in his pj bottoms. He goes outside first thing in the morning and I figure why change his clothes when I'll just be changing them again as soon as he's done...)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Great Grandpa and Grandma

Great Grandpa and Grandma Haveman stopped by last night on their way through to California. It had been about 2 years since we saw them last so, we were looking forward to having them here! We spent the evening visiting and being entertained by the kids. Katie and Tys showed off their singing skills and read them books. This morning they went with me to drop off Katie at school. She got to show them around her school and introduce them to her teacher. Then, the boys and I visited with them a little while longer before they had to leave. Here are a few pictures... Trent wasn't in a very good mood and didn't want his picture taken at all! I did get a quick one this morning but, it still wasn't very good...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Boys and Their Tractor

The boys have a big-time love for their daddy's old tractor! Whenever they are outside to play, this is where you'll find them. They usually come back in the house with greasy hands and clothes from "working" on the tractor. And, Tys is always very good about turning off the tractor and placing the keys back in his pocket when they're done (imaginary) I can only imagine their excitement when Casey gets the tractor running and it actually moves! This isn't the greatest picture because I realized later that my camera was on the wrong setting.. but, you can see their smiles and that says it all!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The end of last week the kids spent three days in the house due to our winter weather conditions. We had winds, falling snow and rains that reminded us we live in Nevada, making our winters seem to drag on forever! Towards Saturday the kids were getting restless so I pulled out the Play-Do. Desperate times call for desperate measures! They had fun cutting and making all sorts of different creations. I took a couple of pictures since I despise Play-Do in the house and they don't get to play with it very often :) Tys didn't want his picture taken but, he was there having fun too...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Family Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend with Casey's parents, Marie and her friend Jill!! Marie arrived from Boise around dinner time on Friday evening, Mom & Dad arrived later that evening and Jill came Saturday afternoon. After hearing so many great things about Jill, it was so nice to meet her and get to know her! We had a great weekend filled with relaxation, visiting and entertainment by the kids! Of course, a trip from Grandpa wouldn't be complete without his yummy homemade waffles and syrup! Katie even sweet talked Grandpa into letting her have chocolate chips in her waffles :)
Trenton & Grandpa
Sunday morning ~ Tys and Katie with Oma. Too bad Trent wouldn't let us take his picture also...
After church, everyone left in their different directions for home. The weekend went by way too quickly but, we were thankful for that time and look forward to it happening again soon!