Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lunch at MAF

Yesterday Trent, Kristiana and I were able to go to MAF and have lunch with Auntie Meredith.  They love going there because not only do they get to see her but, she takes them to the hangar to see the air planes!  Trenton especially loves it!  Ever since Meredith has begun working there I've been able to meet so many wonderful people/missionaries who work there.  It's so neat to see all the work they do and the places they go to spread the Word! 

Boo in the Zoo

Last Thursday the school had their Trunk or Treat in the parking lot.  The kids had fun dressing up in their new costumes and spending the evening with their friends!
 On Saturday my parents and I took our kids and the DeWinkle kids to the big event, Boo in the Zoo!  Another perk to having a year pass was not having to wait in the long line to enter the zoo (yay!) This was a very fun, BIG event... lots of people! There were costumed animals walking throughout the zoo, handing out candy to the kids. Along with vendors giving out goodies, face painters and carousal rides.                                                   

Trenton showing off his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle face painting! He LOVED it and didn't want to wash it off :)

Trenton, Papa and the "scary spider" that moved...

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


A few photos from my camera phone...
 Kristiana has a deep love for Minnie Mouse! One day last week she had to take her Minnie's with her on our trip to the grocery store.
 Kristiana and I are continuing to get our weekly jogs in.  The temperatures are getting cooler now so we're adding on a few layers but, are certainly enjoying the fall colors too!! I'm still averaging 30 running miles a week.. adding in more challenging workouts.  I'm looking forward to next weekend half marathon in the Boise foothills!
 Last night I helped my friend, Katie, paint at their new farmhouse. While I was gone, Casey grilled hamburgers for the kids (Janelie was over to play too) It looked like fun!
Trenton and Kristiana didn't make it to the big Linder Pumpkin Patch this fall, like Katie and Tys. I did find a good roadside pumpkin patch where they were able to pick their own pumpkins!  They then got to decorate them at home...

Fall at the Lake

Last Sunday we gathered up the kids, my parents and our two neighbor kids, Kenna and Dillon, and went exploring down by the lake.  We live just minutes from Lake Lowell and this was our first time in doing this; something we'll be doing more often! The kids had a blast running up and down the lake shore! We enjoyed the fall colors and cooler but, nice weather.

 One of their many finds... a "beaver dam"

After our fun walk, we were welcomed at home by yummy chili/sweet potato chili in the crock pot!

Friday, October 18, 2013


After our fun-filled family day in Silver City, we arrived home to find Katie's new American Girl doll, Saige, waiting on our front porch!!! Katie is a very happy girl to have her long-awaited doll finally here!

Thursday, October 17, 2013


My kids aren't huge fans of pumpkin carving.  And unless my dad is helping with his artistic carving skills, I'm not a huge fan of it either :) So, this year the kids are decorating their mini pumpkins! It was cleaner, safer and kept them busy for at least 30 minutes (anything to keep them occupied during their 3 days off from school!) They've each gotten their own bigger pumpkins from the patch but, these mini ones came from our sweet neighbors across the street.  They own a nearby farm and have been giving us all kinds of squash, potatoes and these pumpkins! 
 Katie's "pumpkin girls"
 Trent's family
Tys took the scarier approach... he wasn't quite finished with his yet but wanted his photo taken now... 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall is in the Air!

Last week was a busy, yet fun, one!  There were field trips, painting, sleepovers, lots of baking with apples from our friend's orchard and, I worked my three-out-of-five-part-time jobs.  The temperatures are cooler and the leaves are beginning to change color.. proof that fall is here!! 
 On Tuesday, Katie & Tys' class spent the morning at the Linder Pumpkin Patch.  They brought home pumpkins and had a great time!

 On Tues/Wed I worked on painting the kid's playroom... amazing how a little paint transforms a whole room!
 On Friday night, Katie got to spent the night with her friends, the DeWinkles.  They went to a look a new horse they're buying and Katie was able to have a ride.  She loved it!
Friday night, my mom and I took Kristiana, Trent and Tys to Cop-On-Top-Of-A-Donut-Shop at the Krispy Kreme in Meridian.  It supported the upcoming Special Olympics... quite a few of the Meridian PD and Fire Dept were there letting the kids do Trunk or Treat from their squad cars.  It was such a fun event and the boys LOVED it! They also enjoyed their free donuts from Krispy Kreme :)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall Time at the Zoo

Saturday afternoon mom and I took the kids to the zoo for a couple of hours.  This was approx our 10th trip to the zoo this year!  The kids received the zoo pass as a Christmas gift from their Oma and Grandpa and, we've loved having it!  Saturday was a perfect day for going... the weather was great so most of the animals were out and about.  We finally got to see the two baby Snow Leopards that were born last spring; they were super cute!

Alzheimer's Walk

Last weekend, while Casey was in Chicago visiting Jerry, Bernice, their kids and dad & mom, I took the kids to stay at my parents for the weekend.  We had a fun time going to the zoo, attending the walk, lunch with Jake and Krystal on Sunday and, my friend's baby shower.
 My aunts and a couple of cousins all met at the Julien Kleiner park on Saturday morning. My Aunt Carol had a team from her Addus Corporation... This was a very meaningful walk for us as my mom's brother, Uncle David, suffers from Alzheimer's and has been progressively declining in his mental health.  We walked for him and a couple of our friends and their families.  It was a beautiful day to be outside and at the park!

 I love this park and it's view!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Field Trip

Last Thursday Katie and Tys' class got to take a field trip to their teacher, Mrs. Pridgen's, home.  All week long they had been learning about apples (and other "fall" veggies/fruits) and Mrs. Pridgen was kind enough to invite them all to her "apple orchard"!  She has a beautiful home in the middle of our city.. tucked away so you'd never know it was there!  She had so much for the kids to see, learn and do. Although a little cold outside, it was such a fun morning! 
 Gathering the group and ready to head out to the apple orchard...
 Kristiana found her apple :)
 Mr. Pridgen gave a lesson on apples and how they're grown
 There were even a few pears!
 Each child got to climb the little ladder and pick 3 of their own apples... then, because there were so many that the Pridgen's wanted to get rid of... we "mommys" were given a bag and able to pick LOTS of our own :) I've been baking all kinds of yummy apple dishes with them!

 ~ Classmates ~

 After the lesson and apple picking, there were games to play in the backyard... apple relay races and toss the apple in the tire etc.

 And to top of their fun morning, Mrs. Pridgen baked yummy apple crisp for us all!!!
Miss Angie and Miss Kristiana