Saturday, January 24, 2009

Princess room

Katie got to move into her new Princess bedroom last night and she was SO excited! I'd have to say that her most favorite thing was her new bed/Princess bedspread and pillow. She spent the evening checking everything out and showing us around her new room :) Casey and my dad did an awesome job building this addition and, thanks to all 'the guys' who helped!
Tys was pretty excited about the new room too! So much to explore and get into

The bottom dresser drawer is still being worked on. My mom bought it at an antique store and my dad repainted it. The bottom drawer needed lots of work which, Casey is so graciously doing! Her new headboard was once Casey's while growing up... we repainted it and got the new mattresses

Katie's new desk and book shelf from Oma and Grandpa!

She was so excited about her new bed that she wanted to go to bed early and even turned down ice cream so she could hang out in bed! She didn't end up going to bed early... infact, she was up at midnight and 4am because she "wasn't tired" (I think she was still alittle excited!) Thus, another early morning blog from me!! On a side note... Trent has slept great tonight!!