Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I have to say we haven't done a whole lot this week so far. Keeping up on laundry, cleaning, cooking, changing diapers and feeding kids is quite enough to fill my day! We also celebrated Katie's birthday... Katie and Tys have been having fun with all of their new Christmas/birthday toys and Trent spends most of his day sleeping or, awake watching the kids. Thankfully, he's a very mellow and laid back baby! My mom watched the kids yesterday around lunch time so that Casey and I could go on a date. That was so nice!! We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch then, went to the bank, store and post office before going home. In all, we were gone just over an hour - the joy of living in a small town. You can get lots done in a short amount of time! What a goofy little boy!!