Tuesday, January 13, 2009

check up

Trent had his 2 week check up and circumcision yesterday... and, I must say that it was a long, emotional draining day for me! And, him! My mom and Tys came with us to Winnemucca, while Katie got to spend the day at her best friend, Jibit's, house (Katie has informed me that she loves Jibit and is going to marry him!) I was happy to have my mom with me since I really can't handle seeing my baby in pain... she really can't either but did a great job in taking care of him after his procedure! A little medicine helped with his pain and he is doing much better today. Recently, he has been smiling lots more, holding his head up better and he loves to be talked to :) Oh, and did I mention that he weighs 10 lbs already!! Like his big brother, Trent is a good little eater!