Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kristiana 9 months

Kristiana turned 9 months old today!! Over the weekend she began crawling forward at a faster pace... she now gets herself stuck among the table room chairs, under coffee tables and in between toys and the wall. She loves her new found freedom and spends her days happily exploring and playing with whatever she can get her hands on. The kids and I spend our days making sure the house is baby proof! ha ha
Kristiana now weighs 21 lbs and is wearing size 18 month clothes. She's definitely a big baby! We often hear comments about how she's going to be a basketball star someday (or, a professional linebacker... hmmmmm...) I'm just thankful she's healthy! She still has a love for food and is eating 2-3 meals of baby food a day; along with nursing. Thankfully, eating so much during the day is helping her sleep so much better at night. Generally, she is sleeping from 8p-7a and will wake up just once.
Kristiana has a very happy, easy going personality. She is always smiling! She loves each one of her siblings but, has a special bond with Tys. All he has to do is talk to her or, act goofy, and she'll start belly laughing! Her favorite sibling to snuggle with is Katie; Katie is also very good about "babysitting" her little sister while I cook dinner. And with Tys and Katie in school, Trenton and Kristiana spend the most time together... playing with toys on the floor etc. They're going to be great playmates someday!
Kristiana is going through the "clingy" stage these days. She begins to panic and cry whenever someone other than myself or Casey holds her... I recently left her with a friend/babysitter for 2 hours and Kristiana cried the whole time! I felt bad for both my friend and baby! Yesterday Dena watched her for an hour and she did somewhat ok. She was fussy but was able to keep entertained being in the Johnny Jump Up.
Kristiana's new love is the cat! Now that she can crawl I often find her at the cat... who is sleeping peacefully on the floor. She likes to check out Blackie's fur; I usually have to save the kitty from little-chubby-fur-pulling-fingers!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Well, here we are at the beginning of another week! Last week seemed to just fly by as Casey worked many long days and, the kids and I kept busy with school and the everyday happenings at the house. Our spring time weather has included everything from sunshine and warmth to wind, snow, clouds and cold!
Kristiana has found a new cupboard that holds all sorts of fun things to entertain her :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Our baby girl is slowly beginning to crawl forward now... instead of crawling backwards and sideways! I love this baby stage where she is exploring new things and finding amusement in everything... and of course, those 2 little bottom teeth just make her all the more cuter!

Helping me "scrapbook" this afternoon *smile*


To celebrate spring we went to the park after school today. It was SO nice outside... warm and sunny!! Our good friend and neighbor, Dena, came with us... before we went, she treated the kids to a strawberry popsicle. They had fun showing off their bright red lips and tongues! Kristiana got to swing in the baby swing for the first time and loved it!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Just a few random photos from these last couple of weeks...

Kristiana has now learned how to go from her knees/crawling position to sitting back on her bottom. She can make it across the living room in record time and get herself into the forbidden stereo (there's just something about all those fun buttons and knobs!)

Tys and Katie are both learning the letter "X" this week in school. We've had a fun time trying to come up with letters and names with "X" in them!

Trenton got to go to Idaho on Sunday and Monday with his daddy. Casey had business meetings at the banks on Monday so he got to hang out with Nana and Papa. He had lots of fun at Monkey Bizness (although not as much fun as he would have if his older siblings were there to play with too....) and got to see fish at the Aquarium. Along with a haircut, milkshake and pop... well, there just wasn't enough time to fit anything else in during his short 24 hour trip!

Since many guys in our church are cops, there are always at least 3 or 4 guns present at a worship service. Feeling left out, Trenton decided to bring his own guns to church! Notice, he dressed himself again!! ha ha

Thursday, March 15, 2012

We've had a good week so far! Yesterday Katie's class celebrated it's 100th day of school. They did 100 random things throughout the day: 100 words, 100 snacks (each student brought 100 pieces of something small... Katie brought chocolate chips) 100 exercises etc. She thought it was lots of fun but was exhausted by last night. Apparently, those 100 exercises wore her out! lol

Since both of our husbands were working last night, our thoughtful neighbor and friend, Dena, invited myself and the kids over for dinner. She made each child what they wanted - Katie, homemade meatballs and the boys, homemade mac 'n cheese. She also made what I wanted, a very yummy sour cream chocolate cake! Yes, she spoils us! Katie did a piano lesson with her and, we enjoyed our evening visiting.

On Monday I left early in the morning and went grocery shopping in Elko (Casey had to work that afternoon) I took just Kristiana so I could get done faster while Casey took care of the older kids and got them to school. I hadn't been shopping in a while so we were in need of lots of things... I went prepared with a list and the sales etc. And, was happy when I left the store with 2 carts full of groceries, saved $ with coupons and came in $12 UNDER my budget... woo-hoo!! With my money saved I stopped by Starbucks on my way home for a well-earned frapp :)

Kristiana has been sleeping pretty good at night... usually she wakes up just once but the other night she slept the whole night! She went to bed at 8pm and woke up around 5:30am... that makes me a happy mama :) With her sleeping better at night now I am able to get through the day without having a nap and, have been getting in my early morning runs on the treadmill.

Trenton, our fashion expert! ha ha
sisterly love....
Kristiana loves looking at her books!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Walk

We have been really having some beautiful, warm weather lately! Last Sunday afternoon my mom and I took the kids on a walk/bike ride... Katie is doing really well on her bike and, Trenton is just learning but he is catching on quickly. Although, I think it was more of a workout for me since I spent most of the time pushing him and guiding his bike from going into the ditch! He's still working on pedaling AND steering all at the same time! He informed me that he NEEDS a bell for his bike... hmmmm.... that would really be too much for him to coordinate! hee heeKristiana was all smiles during the walk...

Kristiana and our Jessie Dog :)
In case you're wondering... yes, Tys was also with us on our little bike ride. He refuses to ride his bike and would rather run beside his siblings as they ride OR, ride his push-scooter. He spent our entire walk complaining about being too tired to ride his scooter and he kept wanting to go home... so I didn't take any pictures of his grumpy face (although, I should have!) And yes, he survived the walk!!

Winnumucca Sand Dunes

Last Monday we spent a fun day at the sand dunes with my parents and Joe. My parents were originally planning a 6 day trip to the Dumont Sand Dunes, near Las Vegas, but changed their minds at the last minute and same to see us for the weekend instead! With Joe and Casey both having Monday off, we decided that'd be the best day for us all to go play in the sand. It was a warm day... if only the wind had left us alone! But, we made the best of it and the kids LOVED their 4-wheeling rides! Kristiana was super happy all day and loved being outdoors... because of the wind/blowing sand I kept her under the camper shell on Casey's pickup most of the time. To top off the day we stopped at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants for dinner - yum!
Casey, Joe and my dad getting ready for a long ride to far end of the dunes....
Eating lunch in the back of the pickup!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Farewell Vera

Last Sunday we hosted a farewell party for our dear friend, Vera. She will be moving to the Boise valley sometime this month and greatly missed by everyone here! For as long as I can remember (I known Vera and her late husband, Doug, since I was a little girl) Vera has always been an example of a Proverbs 31 woman! She plays the piano every Sunday at the nursing home (and for our church when needed) is involved in our community and has a true, strong faith in Christ. Not only will she be missed but also her unique, piano-playing style... the cheery kind that makes you want to get up and start dancing a jig!
Justine made Vera's farewell yummy cake...
Dena, Vera, Matt, Justine and Ambur
Bob & Ruby, Judy, Andy, Melody, Ken, Randy & Donna.... approx. 25 people were there... not including the kids!
Vera and her cake...
Dena and Vera