Monday, February 24, 2014

Ri's Baby Shower

Last Saturday Katie Rose and I attended Marie's baby shower, hosted by our dear friend's Meredith and Kasey.  The "brunch" was held at Kasey's house that morning and they did such a great job at the decorations and food!  There were quite a few friends and family and it was a wonderful time celebrating the upcoming arrival of "Baby Smith" :) 

 Marie and the hostess', Kasey and Meredith

 Katie and Marie are due just 20 days a part!

 Mom flew in from CA for the week. She stayed at Marie & Kyle's house for most of the week to work on the nursery but, did stay with us on Thur/Fri night.

 Marie and Miriam
We're all looking forward to finding out if Baby Smith is a girl or boy!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


After spending the last couple of weeks fighting the gloominess of the inversion, the clouds finally cleared over the weekend and the sun came out! It was glorious! The temperatures warmed up enough that I was able to get in a run outside on Sunday and on Monday, Presidents Day, the kids and I went to the park.  It was almost 60 degrees! We really like the new Julius Kleiner park in Meridian and spent a couple of hours there (along with LOTS of other people who were also out enjoying the sun!)
 Sisters... Katie & Kristiana had fun climbing to the top of a "climbing rock"
 Slight craziness with Mr. Kleiner :)
Trenton and his buddies, Nick & Grayson. We celebrated Grayson's birthday at the fun kiddie playland, Jabbers.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dora The Exporer

A couple of weekends ago my mom and I took the kids to the Canyon County Kid's Fair.  We mainly went so Kristiana could see/meet her favorite, Dora the Explorer!  They also got to play in quite a few bouncy houses, watch some shows and see animals.  It was fun but, have to say I'll probably never go to it again... there were just SO many kids that it was slightly overwhelming and too crazy!  But, Kristiana loved seeing Dora so that made it all worth it :)

 Taking a little break and eating yummy fresh donuts... Kristiana looks like she's had quite a wild afternoon! haha

MAF Field Trip

A couple of weeks ago the 1st and 2nd grade class from Zion went on a field trip to our local MAF Headquarters, here in Nampa.  My kids have been there quite a few times before because Meredith works there however, this was the first time they actually time they actually got to sit in one of the planes and listen to the former missionaries tell them about the missionary field.  They learned quite a bit about what life is like for missionary kids in other countries.  A cool factor that each person pointed out was that everybody can be a missionary no matter where they live or what they do.  Unfortunately, Meredith was sick the day of the field trip so we didn't even get to see her!  
 the "pilots"

 In the plane...
 Tim grew up as a missionary MAF kid in Papua New Guinea and now oversees the planes at MAF.  He shared lots of information and made it fun for the kids!  My boys keep talking about the story Tim told how he was flying a batch of bees from one point to another when some of the bees got out while in flight! He had to fly the rest of the way, in that tiny plane, with bees buzzing all around him!  Trenton was also fascinated with the little bins or, compartments underneath the belly of the plane.. they usually hold live animals like a few chickens.
 Cutie pie Eleana

In the foyer at MAF is the old frame to the plane that the famous missionaries, Nate Saint & Jim Elliott and 2 others flew.


About a month ago we made big plans to go up to McCall this last weekend. However, a big snow storm moved in and we got dumped with LOTS of snow! So, we decided to wait on the McCall trip and stay closer to home instead.  On Saturday morning I shoveled our sidewalks (and a few of our elderly neighbors), ate a yummy waffle breakfast prepared by Casey (a Saturday morning tradition!) then, loaded up the kids & Jesse and headed to a great sledding hill just a few minutes from our house. Its located near Lake Lowell and at a newer park that has some perfect sized hills for little sledders :) It was quite the popular place to go as it was busy with other families having fun too!  Tys was spending the night/day with my parents so it was just the three kids... they had lots of fun and actually lasted longer than an hour :) 

 The frozen Lake Lowell
 A big snowball intended for her dad :)
By the end of the day the temperatures had warmed up considerably and all that snow was beginning to melt.. then it rained.  Lots of mud and slush! So, we were very happy that we got to go sledding in the morning before it was gone!