Thursday, June 24, 2010


This last week has been filled with lots of summer-time fun! The kids are enjoying their new swimming pool (well worth my $10!) and had fun playing with their friends at the park on Tuesday. Katie and Tys are learning how to be creative with their drawings/colorings and Trent recently found a new love for Chap-Stik! I love watching their imaginations go wild as they play and make up games... and, of course, for Katie each new "game" requires a whole new outfit. I can't keep her in one outfit for more than an hour! Casey has been very busy with work these last two weeks. With the welding business being slow at this point, he is getting quite a bit of work driving truck for Atlas Towing. It's not quite what we had envisioned but, are thankful for whatever we can get. God's plans aren't always OUR plans :) And, he has had a few little welding jobs here and there - yay! I am busy packing for our trip to Idaho this Saturday. My mom is taking the kids, myself and Briana to Boise for 5 days of fun!! We're planning on going to the zoo, water park, Hyde Park, ice cream etc. I am looking forward to getting out of town and seeing our good friends in Idaho!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


For the first time this summer, the kids got to play in their new pool this afternoon! Trent did the honors of filling up the pool with water and, they all had a great time splashing around and 'wimming'!!

Little does Tys know his sister is about to push him down the slide!
Trent is our little fish and LOVES the water! He stayed in the pool long after his siblings got out.. they enjoyed a picnic lunch, swam a little bit longer and headed inside for long afternoon naps!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Motorcycles, Bikers and Concerts

After getting home from Austin yesterday, Casey and I left the kids with my parents for the evening and had a "date" in Elko. The big motorcycle fest was going on (Motorcycle Jamboree. aka. Rumble in the Ruby's) I have to say that I was very surprised at all of the people and motorcycles that were there! There were blocks lined up with motorcycles, a majority of them being Harley Davidsons. This meant there were also thousands of bikers! Casey and I enjoyed walking around looking at the many different bikes and through the booths. This was definitely a rough crowd of people but, everyone was happy and having a great time (I'd say a certain form of beverage helped with that! LOL) And, I have to say I found my future H.D. riding helmet: black with pink rhinestones :)
We enjoyed dinner together at Machis (Ann and Scott, we thought of you!)

This was a pretty cool homemade ice cream invention
In the evening we walked to the band stand and watched a few concerts. The first were these KISS impersonators. All I have to say is that I'm thankful I was born too late in the 70's to have to watch KISS :) Yes, they have some good songs but their outfits just kill me!
Warning: Mullet to the left. Be afraid, be very afraid
After KISS, we enjoyed jamming out to Uncle Kracker! I was excited for that concert as he is on my list of being one of my favorites.

Austin, NV

Early yesterday morning, Casey and I took the kids and my parents to a town called, Austin. It's an older little town, tucked away in the mountains about 90 miles south of Battle Mtn. Years ago it was a very busy thriving mining and Pony Express town... now, it is more like a ghost town. The town is now known for their turqoise jewelry and antique shops. Once a year they have a celebration called Gridley Days, with a parade and other activities; yesterday was Gridley Days and we decided to take the kids. After the parade, we enjoyed walking around the town and in some of the shops. We also drove around the area to check out a couple of future camping spots and enjoy the view. Katie in front of an old wagon wheel (holding her candy bag and waiting for the parade!)
I took this picture for Dad H :)
Casey, waiting patiently as I checked out a jewelry shop

Someone in the parade handed out western hats to the kids... of course, they thought it was SO cool!
Trent wasn't so sure how his was supposed to be worn!

An older fire truck ~ Tys' favorite!
A pioneer float
The backside of Austin... that wooden structure is a piece of old mine equipment
My parents with the kids
Our family :)
Stokes' Castle
Nevada wildlife! This little lizard was basking in the sun, enjoying an afternoon siesta

Monday, June 14, 2010


Saturday afternoon Casey & I got to spend time with our friends, Becky & Tony, and took a 4-wheeling ride in the mountains. It was a beautiful day to be riding! Casey was on-call so we couldn't go very far but, we were able to make it this far up the mountain.... the view was amazing!

Taking a little break ~ Casey, Becky and Tony

A picture of the pretty rock~ an old mine

Me :)
We came home to a fabulous bbq dinner and wine.. thanks to my mom! And, I had baked a lemon meringue cake earlier in the day... that was very yummy too.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

W's Birthday Party

Yesterday morning we went to the park and celebrated Wesley's 8th birthday! The kids had fun playing at the playground, eating cupcakes and playing with Wesley's new toys. Wesley is such a great kid, with a great personality and patience to put up with all the girls that surround him! LOL

Shyla, Maria, Katie and Brooklyn enjoying their yummy cupcakes (Katie was happy to have a cupcake BEFORE lunch!)

A Fun Day

Monday, my mom and I took 5 kids to Elko for a fun-filled day! First stop was lunch then, we headed to their favorite wooden park for an hour of sliding, swinging and spinning. The weather of SO nice and it was hard to not go jump in that pool behind them! Briana, Khiana and Katie... one of the girls got "sick" after spinning on that tire for 45 minutes non-stop!
Trent & Tys climbing the wooden stairs

After the park we went to the kick-off party at the library for their summer reading program. Throughout the summer each child will read or, be read to, and keep track of it in their books. Throughout the summer there will be activities, parties and prizes to participate in. I didn't take any pictures at the library because there were SO many kids there the place was like a zoo... it took everything I had to keep track of our own five kids!
We did some grocery shopping before heading home; the boys were alseep before we even left the parking lot!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Trent's 4-wheeler

Over the weekend my friend, Lisa, gave Trenton their old battery operated 4-wheeler. It's little and the perfect size for Trent! We still need to get a new battery for it but for now Trent loves to sit on it (or be pushed around by his siblings!) and pretend to ride. He already knows how to "vroooom", stand up while riding and jump start it with his leg... all things he's learned by watching us ride. He LOVES his 4-wheeler and we LOVE watching his facial expressions & actions as he goes!! A quick ride before church this morning....
Another ride this evening...

We enjoyed dinner this evening out on the patio ~ the first of many to come!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Katie's New Hair Cut

Katie took "the plunge" yesterday afternoon and chopped off her hair for the summer! This is a really big thing for us :) We all loved her long blonde hair but, it was so just SO much work to keep it brushed and out of her face. And, she hates having her hair combed. So, last week I talked to her about having her hair cut and sending it to Locks of Love where they can make it into a wig for little sick girls. Katie thought this was a great idea! And, because she's sending it to Locks of Love, our local newspaper showed up to take pictures and put her article in the paper. Between May and June, this is the 4th time she or, our family, have been in the paper ~ we're getting famous around here! Here are a few before and after pictures:
Katie and my stylist, Mara. She was a little serious in the beginning but, soon lightened up and had a great time at the salon!
The big snip ~ her hair is SO thick!
Her 12 inch ponytail that was sent to Locks of Love
Looking cute with her new A-line hair-do!
Our Little Princess

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Drive

Sunday afternoon Casey and I left the kids with my parents and took a drive into the mountains. It was such a beautiful day to take a little drive and of course, it's always wonderful to spend time with Casey!
My husband thinks our suburban is a 4x4 monster truck... going on a "leisurely mountain drive" with him often means blazing your own road and, you had better not have a coffee in your hand or it'll be in your lap :) I'm pretty sure "blazing a trail" is a Haveman thing! LOL
View of town
Range cattle
After arriving home we sat outside and enjoyed our new patio and green lawn. Even though we can't walk on the grass yet it's still enjoyable!
Trent and his buddy, Jesse
Trent's "O" look! He makes us laugh with this funny expression whenever he hears a 4-wheeler or motorcycle.