Saturday, June 30, 2012

We went to the Boise Zoo twice in June... once with my mom and another time with a group of friends to celebrate Tys' friend, Logan's birthday.  We love the Boise Zoo!! It's not too big but, just the right size to see all the cool animals.  This year Kristiana had a fun time seeing the animals (last year she was a newborn and slept through the whole thing!) Here are a few pictures from our first trip to the zoo, with my mom...
 The kids and I in front of Katie's favorite animal.. the penguins!

 At one point during the day, Tys started having an allergic reaction to something... we aren't sure what.  But his face was quickly becoming covered in hives.  So we gave him some Benadryl right away in hopes of avoiding a trip to the E.R.  While waiting for the meds to kick in, we enjoyed a nice, cold treat.

Hello my faith blog followers!  Sorry for my lack in postings lately.  Right before Memorial Day the kids and I headed up to Boise to be with my parents and we ended up staying until yesterday!  Our original plan was to come home for a couple of weeks than head back up there again but, when the time came Casey and I decided that we'd just stay and save the money on gas.  Plus, I figured that by the time I had unpacked from our first trip, I'd have to turn around and repack to go back.  That, and other reasons... SO, the kids and I have been in Boise for about 6 weeks.  We missed Casey SO much!  He was able to make it up for one of those weekends and see us... the rest of the time the kids and I kept ourselves busy all sorts of fun, summer stuff!!  I have LOTS of pictures to post so, will work on them these next couple of days in between unpacking.

 On Memorial Day the kids and I went with my parents to Reynold's Creek.  We spent the day riding 4-wheelers and the go-cart, flying kites and roasting hot dogs.