Thursday, July 23, 2009

What can I say... she dressed herself :) And, no, she didn't leave the house this way! Katie has been going to VBS all this week and really liking it! She comes home singing new songs and trying to teach them to Tys as well (along with clapping and stomping her feet at the same time... quite hilarious since she has NO coordination whatsoever!) She calls it "Bible school". I was just happy to see her go as she's been going through a shy phase lately.
Trent is having a little break from his helmet as he has a sore on the right side of his head that I can't get healed (the sore is caused from the rubbing of his helmet and the heat combined) Thankfully, he has an appt in SLC on Monday and the specialist can adjust his helmet so that it's not so tight on that certain spot (as his head grows, there'll need to be adjustments made to the helmet)
It's been a particularly busy week... Katie's soccer games (which she refused to play again today! She really doesn't like it so we're not going to make her play anymore this season....) and going to VBS, I'm trying to start packing and going through things to move, I had my friend, Angeli's, 4 kids over this evening and, am getting ready for our friends to arrive from Boise tomorrow. Also, tomorrow Casey will begin working on leveling the ground on our land and, he has decided to do all the installation of the utilitie lines himself (the trenching and construction) The arrival of our new house and getting the land landscaped has added a whole new level of busyness to our lives and, it'll be SO nice when we're moved and settled once again!
I'll get pictures of our new home up soon... right now it's in the middle of construction