Friday, July 31, 2009

allergic reaction

It's been one of those crazy days... it began last night when Trent was up pretty much the whole night crying and unconsolable. I couldn't get him calmed down and was worried about his stomach (since he had the flu the middle of the week) I called my mom over in the middle of the night and we took him to the ER where she was able to look at his ears (one of the benefits of having a mom who works in a small hospital and have friends there!) His one ear was pretty red... he and I got a couple hours of sleep this morning and I was able to get him into the clinic at 10am. Yep, he had an ear infection. He took his first dose of antibiotic in the afternoon... then, this evening I was getting him ready for bed and noticed his belly, tummy and head was covered in a rash.... so, off we went again to the hospital! This time my mom was with me and we took Tys and Katie along. And, Casey got off work for a little while to come down as well. Thankfully, the same doctor that saw him this morning was also on-call tonight and already at the hospital. Trent immediately got shots for the reaction and was observed for a while. Now, he has to take meds every 6 hours for 2 days and we'll try a new antibiotic tomorrow!! I am thankful he's o.k.; makes me wonder if he'll be allergic to other things as well.