Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Katie had a soccer game tonight and, sadly, it didn't turn out quite as happily as her last game... Here's the start of the game... her team is running around crazy after the ball... but, where's Katie?
There she is! Standing on the side line... being shy, emotional, pouting and everything else that goes along with being a GIRL!! Everyone was encouraging her to play but, she just stood there.. you can just imagine what her face looks like!

Even Tys went over to his sister and was pointing to the ball saying "Keh-tee, go kick the ball"!!! Nope, she wanted nothing to do with it tonight... which, turned into a meltdown and her daddy had to take her home. (while everyone else got to stay and watch friend's play their games) Sigh... it sure is difficult growing up....
When I got home she was happy once again and very excited in telling me that she would play at her next game :)