Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lagoon Part 2

Saturday ~ we spent 12 hours at Lagoon (well, technically it was 10 hours since we went back to the camp for dinner and to rest our feet!) and had an amazing day! My brother, Jake and his friend, Shane, arrived from Boise late Friday night and was able to spend the day with us too. I wasn't sure how well the kids were going to do having such a big day and no naps but, they did great! Katie was happy, skippy and still going strong at 11 that night!! Tys ended up napping in the stroller and Trent did what he does best... hung out and went with the flow of things. Here are a few pictures from the day.... Katie went on her first kiddie rollercoaster ride, Puff the Magic Dragon, with Uncle Jake! She is our thrill seeker and was looking for "bigger" rides to go on
Nana and Trent hanging out and enjoying the day

This is my new favorite ride!! The Wicked shoots you straight up in the air 110 feet then, drops you straight down. After that comes twists and turns.... a definite thrill!! My awesome husband waited 45 minutes to get pictures of us (dad, me, Jake and Shane) on our first ride. Inspite of the long line I rode it 2 more times... even got Casey on it with me!

Me and my two brothers with The Wicked in the background.
Having a great day!

The very popular train! Everytime the train would whistle, Tys would stop what he's doing, put his hand to his ear and say "what that" or, "hear that"!! It was so cute :)

Trent doing what he does best... hanging out! He got his first bottom tooth over the weekend and, we didn't even know he was teething!!

The guys taking a rest while Tys and Katie rode some rides

Katie had a great time riding the bigger-kiddie rides! This one was an Octopus that flew up and down in the air and, sprayed you with water. She thought it was great!! Casey was happy to get cooled off!