Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vacation Part 1

We arrived home yesterday afternoon from our vacation and, I can say that everyone had a great time! We were supposed to come home Tuesday but, decided to stay until Wednesday because we were having too much fun and nobody wanted to return back to reality :) We left with my parents early Friday morning and made it to Trent's appt. in Salt Lake at 1pm. The trip was almost problem free... we were pulling the camper behind our suburban and ended up losing the muffler. Thankfully, Casey was able to get it into a muffler shop that very afternoon! Trent's appt. didn't take long then, we headed to Farmington and set up camp at the Lagoon Amusement park campground. Our family has camped there numerous times as I was growing up and, it was so cool to be able to bring our kids there too!! After setting up camp, we spent the evening in the "park" (Lagoon) Katie and Tys were SO excited to see all of the rides and, Dad and I were SO excited to see their new rollercoaster ride, The Wicked!!
Tys and Trent did pretty good during the drive.. with all of our recent trips to SLC, I'd say they're getting used to traveling!
Trent and Papa at Lagoon.. this was before the storm clouds began rolling in!

Katie and Tys enjoying one of the MANY rides they went on... Rain drops are now beginning to fall.

Tys, Trent and I on the train ride that took us to see the animals.... trying to stay out of the rain! Tys and Katie LOVED the train ride ~ I think we went on it about 4 times over the course of the weekend!

At one point it began to lighten and thunder and rain really hard so, we took shelter underneath an awning and watched everyone else run around like mad men :) It only rained for about an hour than, it cleared up and we went on with our rides.