Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the big library

Today mom and I took the kids to Elko; we did some shopping, ate lunch at Wingers and took the kids to the library for their storybook/activity time. They enjoyed sitting with all the other kids while the "funny lady" read them books (I wouldn't know this because I spent most of the time in the bathroom cleaning up after one of Trent's dirty diapers... won't go into details!) Then, they got to outline themselves on butcher paper and use colors, markers, glue and yarn to decorate it. Of course they love anything that involves markers or glue! Tys wasn't too sure about lying on the paper and having himself outlined.... but once that was over....
he went to town with the markers!!

Katie did a great job at decorating her body... she put all sorts of flowers on her clothes and had blonde hair :)
The kids had lots of fun and are wanting to go back again soon. I take them to our library in town a lot but, it's quite a bit smaller than Elko's library so they named it the "big library"!