Thursday, July 16, 2009

On Tuesday we spent a fun day at the water park, Roaring Springs. We hadn't been there since the summer of '07 so, we were definitely overdue for a day on the water rides! The kids did awesome and had a blast! Although he has a "pained" look, Trent really is smiling :)
Katie went on the kiddie slides over and over... she was a little dare devil and was always trying out different ways to go down. I think her favorite was on her belly, backwards!

Our dear friend, Monica, and Trent
My mom took Tys down the slides a couple of times. Even though he said he liked them, he wasn't overly zealous to keep going on them ~ he's a little more cautious about life :)

Tys was happy to spend his time in the water, floating on the tubes and splashing his sister!

My good friend, Colleen and I. I was so happy she and her boys were able to spend the day with us at the water park too!

Tys found a water see-saw and spent a huge amount of time on it! He was so patient in waiting to other kids to come join him.. he loved it so much that he'd just sit there.. waiting.. until some other kid came to ride. Then, that kid would leave and Tys would patiently for someone else to come.
The evening finally came when my mom, brother and I headed off to the long awaited Kenny Chesney concert. Meredith and Marie were so gracious to watch the kids that night! Lady Antebellum and Miranda Lambert opened for Kenny and they were great ~ very entertaining and energetic. I didn't realize Miranda was more rock 'n roll and had a guitarist sporting a mohawk! I have always had a secret love for Kenny (yes, Casey knows about this!) and know the words to every song he's sung... so, of course I loved every minute of the concert. Not only does he have a great voice and great songs but, he's also funny and just a great entertainer! That's a lot of greats - I know :) I've been to alot of concerts (as that is sort of a hobby for my mom and I) and have my top 5 artists that I wanted to see in my lifetime.... Kenny was one of them! What a terrific way to end our vacation!!
After a few errands on Wed. we headed out of the valley around noon for home. The kids were SO tired and slept off and on during the drive... when not sleeping they were whining or crying. And, I didn't have much sleep the night before so, it was a GOOD thing to get home :)