Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hogle Zoo

On Monday we spent 6 hours at the Hogle Zoo! Our kids have been to the Boise Zoo before and we're finding out that as they get older, it gets funner! Katie knows about all of the animals now and has her favorites (which she gets VERY excited about seeing!) And, Tys is at the age where he is learning about the animals and their different sounds. I took lots of pictures of the animals and am going to make the kids a zoo animal scrapbook... I won't post all of the pictures since I'm sure you already know what an elephant or bear look like!
We all loved the giraffes! Their building has a second level so we could get up close and personal :)

Tys getting to feel what the skin of an elephant feels like

Mom and Dad
Katie with one of her favorites in the background, the rhino
Casey and Trent taking a break ~ we all did lots of walking on this vacation!

Riding on the carousal
Riding on the zoo train... Tys and Katie were pretty serious about something.... That evening we ended our fun day with a stop at Dairy Queen for dessert