Monday, July 20, 2009

Our first harvest from the garden (well, except for those two sweet cherry tomoatoes that I found and ate right away!) Unlike last year, our green beans are doing awesome! Everything else is growing too... just not quite ready to eat yet. Casey was off this weekend so, we had a good time spending it as a family. On Friday evening we went to a bbq at Judy and Ken's and, the kids got to swim in their pool. On Saturday we hung out and did things around the house... I took a meal to my friend who just had a baby and got to meet their new little precious boy. And on Sunday we had my parents and Joe over for lunch then, went to our friends house, the Atens, that evening.
Katie began VBS this morning and, had a great time! At first she was pretty shy and wouldn't let go of my finger. I finally got her to sit with the other kids and was able to sneak away once she looked ok. When I picked her up she was singing, dancing and hanging out with her new found friends! She also has soccer this evening... Trent's second bottom tooth is almost through (this means he's sleeping at night again ~ yay!) and, Tys' new favorite thing is to knock knuckles with you and say "pound it, dude" Thanks to Uncle Jake :)
I'm happy to say we should be in our new house VERY soon!! I'm trying to get the motivation to pack.......