Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Construction on our house/property continues.... this week Casey and my dad are busy installing the electrical, sewer and water lines. We were going to hire a contractor to do it however, he was SO expensive and couldn't do it for a few more weeks; my handiman husband said "I'll just do it myself"!! Last Friday and Saturday he began clearing and leveling the ground, this week he is trenching and installing the lines. Thankfully, he's had help from my dad, Jerry and Joe! Yesterday ~ the guys taking a lunch break and cooling off from the intense heat
Today we were happy to have Casey's Aunt Lois & Uncle Pete and Aunt Arlene stop by on their way to SLC from Reno. They stayed for lunch and were able to see our new house.

More green beans from the garden AND now we're starting to get yellow squash and zucchini!!

A bee busy at work in the sunflowers
For some reason the sunflower in our garden grew REALLY high!