Monday, April 12, 2010

Welding School

Casey took the camera with him to Reno last week and was able to get a few pictures around the welding school.... Casey's service truck.. he just added the new tool boxes on! While he was home over the weekend, he was able to organize everything and get tools put away; so, those bins are now gone. He'll be able to work easier out of the back of this flat-bed.
Welder's Helpers Welding School ~ classroom

welding stations

Travis (he, Casey and Dean will be working on the power plant project that is beginning this week)
Dean ~ owner, instructor, contractor, friend and huge help in helping Casey get his business started!!

Dean's service truck ~ a classic! Don't expect to go over 60 miles an hour or hear to have a conversation but, it's pretty cool!
Casey arrived home around 1am on Friday and left again early this morning; we enjoyed our weekend at home together!