Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trenton 16 months

This little guy has been my little crazy boy lately! He is into absolutely everything and always has a need for "mama" to hold him (when he's not getting into everything) He has also become a climber and I'm constantly telling him to sit down on the chairs or to stop standing on the rocking horse etc. Of our three kids, he is by far the messiest eater! He could use a bath after every meal and it looks like the area around him just went through a hurricane! And, his new love in life is to throw fits or, hit whatever is around him at that moment... of course he always has consequences for this. This morning he was being a big 'ole crab so I put him in his crib for a little while. I was in the livingroom when all of a sudden there was a big "thud", followed by crying. He had climbed out and done a flying leap from his crib!! Katie or Tys had never done that before so, I was very surprised by this. He seemed to be o.k. but now I have to find something more secure for him to sleep in! Trenton spends his days "vroooming" cars around the house, looking for opportunities to destroy the bathroom, pulling DVD's from the shelves, dumping boxes of food from the pantry, dumping toys all over Katie's room etc etc. If this sounds like I'm complaining, I'm not. I'm simply justifing why my days are so busy :)
Inspite of his monster ways, Trent is such a huge joy in our family. He is constantly making us laugh with his goofiness and funny jibber-jabber. He adores his siblings, bottle and blankie. And, his great love in life is to be outside playing in the dirt, riding on the 4-wheelers or "vroooming" in his push car. We all love the excited "O" face that he makes whenever he hears a loud truck or 4-wheeler and runs to the window to see what's making that noise! Trenton also gets his "O" excited face whenever he hears daddy on the phone; he loves to hear his daddy's voice and has learned to say "hi dada", "good" and "bye bye". I love how his face has the look of excitement and joy (why wouldn't he, he's having so much fun causing great big messes!) and his big blue eyes are so full of LIFE! Oh how I love this little guy!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What?! Those innocent blue eyes causing trouble?! Can it be?

My parents can testify that the 3rd child causes the most trouble.

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