Friday, April 9, 2010

Week in Review

I am amazed at how quickly this last week flew by and Casey will already be home late this evening. With Trent recovering from croup, the kids and I had a great week at home (I would say quiet, relaxing or uneventful but, we never have those moments around here!) We did some craft projects, read library books, played the new family favorite game of 1-2-3 DIEGO and watched Toy Story 2. The weather was nice towards the end of week and, Trent was feeling lots better, so we spent time outside playing and took a walk in the desert. I also worked on a few projects: switching the kid's clothes from winter to spring/summer, began reading a new Jodi Picoult book and cleaned house. Even though it was a bummer that Trent wasn't feeling great, I enjoyed this time with the kids and having the excuse to stay home! Tys has a new found love for YouTube 4-wheeling, go-cart and tractor clips!!

Trent now points and says "BAD" to anything that I tell him "no" to.... I am surprised everyday at new things that he is saying!