Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This last weekend was another busy one. Casey arrived home from Reno on Friday evening and, left again early Monday morning. We are getting used to this new routine and finding out how to make things work. While Casey is home we spend as much time together as a family and I always try to cook him special meals... I also spend the time getting his clothes washed, meals cooked for him to take for the next week, we pay bills, go through mail etc. We miss him greatly throughout the week! The kids enjoy talking to him before going to bed at night ~ even Trenton is learning how to talk on the phone! And, I am amazed at how quickly the week flies by. This last Saturday we spent the day working outside in the yard. We are preparing the back yard for grass and a garden and, hauled in 2 trailer loads of sheep manure. As Katie said "that's ALOT of sheep poop!!" I also worked on the flower beds that are going to go along the front of our house (I went to Home Depot yesterday for shrubs and got them planted this morning!) Casey always has lots to do while he's home and spends ALL day Saturday working on projects. We relax on Sunday... visit with friends and catch up on naps :)

This last week Casey brought along our camera and, Travis was able to take a few pictures of Casey doing some practice welding on the pipes that they'll be working on at the power plant. The power plant project has been delayed until tomorrow (hopefully, they really do begin tomorrow) Casey has been spending this time practicing his welding during the day and going to classes in the evenings.

learning how to weld left handed

I took these last two picures. While loading manure on Saturday, the ramp to the trailer broke. Normally this would have delayed our project since we couldn't get the bobcat onto the trailer without the ramp. In just a few minutes Casey had his welder out and welded the ramp back together! I told him that he was a pretty handy guy to have around!! *smile*