Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Even though Trent is feeling lots better today, he's been fighting croup and bronchiolitis yesterday and Sunday. I had to take him to the E.R. on Sunday evening for a breathing treatment, x-rays and lab work. The good news was that he doesn't have pneumonia or RSV... the bad news is that he has the worse case of croup that our doc. had seen this season! So, he came home with meds and a nebulizer to use before going to bed. We've also been using the humidifier, motrin and Vicks Rub around the clock... our house smells like a medicine cabinet. I can see that he is feeling so much better today! He is eating a little better and has been playing; although, he is still somewhat crabby and clingy. He also slept pretty good last night. So, thankfully, I think the worse part is over. Here he is hanging out with his daddy on Easter ~ it was so sad to see him too sick to play with his new Easter toys!