Friday, April 23, 2010


We always love Fridays because that means daddy is coming home! Once again, this week flew by for us. We spent quite a bit of it indoors due to our spring time rain showers, snow, wind and dirt storms! But, it IS clear today and we look forward to doing more yard work over the weekend. On Monday my mom and I went to Home Depot and got shrubs for our newly created front flower bed. Then, on Tuesday we were able to plant them. Without my husband here I had to dig 7 holes by myself.... yes, I am quite proud of myself for doing that! LOL

The kids have a new love for homemade popsicles! Even Trent has learned how to hold his

Casey began work at the power plants in Yerington and Sparks this week. He has been working 10 hour days and said that things are going well!